Another "identify this mongo spider" thread

Around this time of year, the Mongo Giant Spiders start to appear. They aren’t here every late summer/early fall–no sight of them last year, but now…they’re BACK!

A coulple of years ago I posted asking about them, but I couldn’t get a good picture. Armed with a much-improved digital camera, I took the following pictures of Mongo snacking on a bee (good for size reference!). All I can see is that he’s some type of orb weaver (? I assume, with that big abdomen).

Slightly, slightly blurry, but reveals all that color and pattern

Chomp chomp chomp…we could actually HEAR him chewing on this thing…

Probably the clearest shot, but from an angle that doesn’t best display his coloring

He’s a big fellow, at least as far as tree-dwelling, web-making goes. We have tarantulas around here too, but they hide out in the bush so they’re rarely seen.

Any arachnid-ologists out there have ideas on our big new neighbor?

I would guess an Argiope, but only on the premise that they are pretty common orb weavers. You might find this useful.

Spiders don’t chew. They liquefy the insides and drink them.

We have those all over our back yard…and I think you are looking at a marbled Orb Weaver

Google Image Search Garden and or orb spider

While you are technically correct, in order break into the prey’s exo-skeleton and release the digestive enzymes necessary for liquification, there might require some penetrative “chewing” or other fang work involved that would sound … well “crunchy”.

see here Common Spiders of Los Angeles Image Gallery - The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Closest probably match is some kind of big orb weaver

Cool, but creepy. :shudder:

It looks like a Golden Orb weaver to me, though it’s hard to tell from the underside.

You should name him Boris! :slight_smile: