Another iTunes question

On two of my albums, iTunes has decided that track 1 of each album is actually a separate album all by itself, and I can’t get it to reassociate with the rest of the album.

So far as I can tell, the “Album Artist,” “Album,” “Sort Album Artist,” and “Sort Album” fields are the same for all tracks.

They are both albums with different artists for different tracks, so the other fields are not consistent throughout.

It’s just happening for these two albums (so far). What could be the problem?

After right-clicking and selecting Get Info, the far left tab is a Summary tab. Sometimes, if the Bit Rate or Encoded With tabs are different itunes shows them separately in Album View. I have a few like that that I haven’t found a way to fix yet. You may want to check the forums at ilounge someone may have posted a solution that I haven’t found yet (the link is to the main page, can’t link directly to the forums).