Yet another about iTunes question!

My friend’s iTunes keeps rearranging her stuff. In her words:“I have this ‘album’ under Artists. It has 18 albums and 183 songs in it. It shouldn’t be there. It has Madonna’s picture. I’ve gone into it and gone through each artist inside it, and changed the info on it under Get Info. I make sure there are no song numbers listed. I make sure to change the name of the album. I’ve even tried changing the name of the artist. All it does it put it back in this damned album that should only be a single artist. This is in the Artist category. Not albums. I’m so baffled. I spent hours and hours going through it and changing it all. Then I find it’s all still in there. I’ve got to have my music unclusterf****ed.”

Thanks for any advice.

The name of the Album, it’s category, and a screen shot of the get-info page would make this a whole lot easier to diagnose.

Does this help? This is what she sent me.

Have her do cmd-i when that album is selected.

Is the “album artist” field properly blanked out (not with a space)?

Make sure it doesn’t have the compilation box checked.

She thought that was in the Screenshot. What does she need to do to get what you need.

Apart from album title and artist there’s also a field called “album artist” in the info for each album. I suspect that is what’s grouping these tracks together. I would select everything in that rogue album and backspace/delete anything in that album artist field and save. Also good shout by @Kiwi_Fruit on the compilation check box - that gets me as well. Make sure that’s unticked.

If it’s not one of those two things then I don’t know!

Where would the compilation box be?

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This is why I asked for a screenshot of the get-info pane.

the issue for me was, after d/l and extracting the audio file (torrent) … the album contained 10-12 songs of “simon & garfunkel”. ported the single files using itunes to my iphone-3gs. 'xcept, the end result was three or four ‘albums’ … one with a single s&g song … one with two or three s&g songs … etc. simply put … itunes couldn’t place all of 'em in one single album. and, yes, this has been 10+ years ago … lol.

from the description of op … the ‘tags’ need to be changed within the file’s meta-data. hex-editor may/mayn’t work … if you are handy with binary coding. think the software i used offered interface for the person … just type in what they wanted in certain fields. as i recall, the program was called “abander tagcontrol” … developed by … careful, there is no *.ssl license for the website’s domain.

as with all software … you should always d/l the files from the developer … not software clearing houses (majorgeeks, softpedia, downloadcnet, etc.) … else, you may very well end up installing more than you bargained for … and, very likely, malware. even when d/l from developer’s website … make sure the url points to the chosen website. once d/l … immediately scan the *.exe file with your security sentries (a/v, a/m, r/k, etc.). also, before installing … wouldn’t hurt to create system-restore point. after installation … perform full scan of computer. keep in mind … even developer’s websites have been hacked … thereby, customers ending up d/l infected versions of files.


OK, here is her Get Info pane

The complication button is not checked. This ‘artist’ has a ton of artists in it. She still can’t get any of them out.


OK, can she do the same thing (get-info) on a couple of the songs. Some field must be common with all the songs.