Another lyrics question: Dalai Lama (Clambake)

There’s a song by Clambake I like called Dalai Lama. Here’s what I think one line says:

Dalai Lama, with no hair
Soul vibrations in the air
There’s a question I’ve got for you
Why are you named after a beast of burden with an Aunt Beru?

Aunt Beru? The only Aunt Beru I know is the one in Star Wars. ANAICR, she wasn’t a llama; nor did she have one. I thought maybe there was a reference to Peru in there, since that’s a place where one might find a llama, but it really does sound like ‘with an Aunt Beru’.

Any insight into the lyric?

In the meantime…

Way up in the snowy Himalayas
There’s a cat who’s always getting re-incarnated…

… living in Peru!!!