Another Mass Shooting (San Bernardino)

“At least 20 victims were reported down after a report of an active shooter in San Bernardino late Wednesday morning, according to a San Bernardino Police Department official.”

Warning: a video starts when you click the link.

Heavily armed, wearing body armor. Damn. Oh, damn. :frowning:

Goddammit. Cowardly fucking ammosexuals.

CNN affiliate KABC reported that the shooting took place at Inland Regional Center, a facility for people with developmental disabilities.

:confused: Who’s demonizing them now?!

Hey, for all you know he might be a transgendered leftist activist.

And anyway, it’s the victims’ own fault for not being armed. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, right?

Fuck, that’s 15 miles from here. Shit’s getting real.

Looks like it was at a developmentally disabled complex near downtown.

Story here

Apparently the police are looking for 3 active heavily-armed shooters. Why they would do this to a disabled services center boggles the mind.

KABC is an ABC affiliate ftr

I’m glad the OP included the location in the thread title; easier to index the seemingly weekly mass shootings. Any chance we could just get the admins to go ahead and create a new forum or something?

Wow… When will this end? :frowning:

I hate that I laughed out loud at this.

Reports are saying as many as 3 gunmen may be involved.

I can imagine one person who was angry at the treatment he’d received, but 2 or 3 people staging a coordinated attack on a place like that is just bizzare.

And as usual, the link freezes my shit up!

Now where have we heard of 3 man shooter teams??

Man, this is exciting…I can’t wait for one of these to happen when I’m around so I can personally stop it with my concealed .38!!

The terrorists who shot up the Black Lives Matter protest?

Relocated to MPSIMS.

Speaking as a poster and someone who has spent time in that area, I’m watching a live stream right now on KTLA, hoping for more info.

ETA: Providing a link to KTLA’s story with the live stream in case that works better than the first: Link.

Your link worked fine for me. Here’s one from KTLA:

Further details on tonight’s news…

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