Another milestone

WallyM7: The big 500! In a bit more than a month!! A tad prolific!!!

Tell us W: Do you intend to maintain the rythm or are you aiming for an even loftier goal, say 2000 on Jan. 1st 2000?

I just got a big contract in Sarnia after sitting on my duff all this time.

But I’ll be home for the weekends!

500 posts. Wow! We’ll talk quantity, not quality, okay?

Maybe you should have posted this in the pit, Omni.

If you’re hot, that’s good.
If you’re cool, that’s good.

I don’t get it.

hey Wally… as clueless as i can be sometimes i didnt realize you were Canadian… nice to meet ya!!

Hey Wally, Good job on getting the contract!

I don’t know how ya made the 500 mark so soon. I thought I was out of control with my 270 odd posts. Geesh. I’m a wuss compared to you, mon.

I’m feeling nice today, so I won’t make any comments about average word count per posts. :smiley:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

You’re right, mon. My posts are usually short.

If you’re hot, that’s good.
If you’re cool, that’s good.

I don’t get it.

Hi Sue, nicetameecha.

Please E-Mail me with all the details of your rendezvous with Eric.

“A Weekend in Canada.”

They oughta write a song.

If you’re hot, that’s good.
If you’re cool, that’s good.

I don’t get it.

Wally says:

Given your track record W., I must admit it was a toss-up :D.

Ill be shot… but… which chapter you want Wally haha

We are, each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by
embracing one another

Wally, do you mean to tell me that I’ve been here a week longer than you, but I only have 202 posts (including this one) to your 500? Good lord, man, get a life!

Neuro, do I mean to tell me that I have only been on this board a little over a month, but have already posted 200 times? Good lord, woman, get a life!

Modest? You bet I’m modest! I am the queen of modesty!

Well, it’s quantity vs quality, neuro.
You’re comparing apples to goldfish.

You’re Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.
I’m Larry, Curly and Moe.

You got a niche to fill, I got an itch to scratch.

Who loves ya better than me?

Wow, wallym7, 4 post right there. It took me virtually half a year to get to this number of short posts.

Damn, I’ve been here since April and I’m not even to 300 posts yet! Of course, I’ve limited myself to MPSIMS for most of my duration(mainly because all of comments are mundane and pointless)… but still… 500 posts? Hot damn!

“I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.”-- Calvin and Hobbes
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I feel so cheap…

Trust me.

The prolific-ness of a poster is directly related to WEHRE they post from…for example, I am usually at work when I post, as is Satan I believe (he is nearing 1000 posts!) I’ll bet wally is at work, and Chiefscott, and all sorts of others.

Excuse me, I am gonna go start a new thread…

982??? Oh my God… I can’t believe I am still employed…

Yer pal,

How do I check my number of posts? It can’t be too many, but I’m curious.

Never mind, I figured it out.

I’m amazed by those of you who have managed to accumulate posts so fast. I’ve been posting on this board since it started. I post almost every day. And I still am only up to 648.

You’ve got me beat, Mike.

“The secret of life is, there ain’t no secret, and you don’t get your money back.”

Mike, you post paragraphs or more that take longer to write than a few one-liners. Your post ahead of this is short for you.