Another Mouse Question

I have a question about my mouse that nobody has been able to answer.

Sometimes, while on AOL, the cursor will disappear. I can move the mouse around my taskbar, but it disappears if I roll it over AOL. Am I making sense at all?

Anyway, I have to either ctrl+alt delete or just click around until I get to the X in the corner to get out of AOL, and once I do that, everything is fine.

I am an utter moron when it comes to computers, I know.
Pity me.

Sounds like you may have a slightly flaky video driver or DirectX drivers. You don’t mention what version of Windows or AOL you have. In Win95/98 you can right-click on My Computer, choose Properties, click on the Performance tab, click the Graphics button and slide the slider to the left one notch to clear up mouse redrawing glitches. This forces Windows to use the hardware cursor instead of the software one.

You can also try to update your video driver to the latest version (or back one version if you already have the latest) and intall the latest and greatest DirectX as well.

Thanks! I do have Win95 so I’ll give that a shot.