I need Mouse (computer) help

Sometimes, when Im using word or word perfect my mouse disappears, the only way t get it back is to shut down and start the computer again. Any idea on what’s going on? Can I get it bak any other way then a cold shutdown? As always thanks for your help. I have a new pad, and clean it regularly.

Is it actually in your hand when it disappears, and you suddenly are grasping thin air? Do you actually see it vanish, or does it disappear when you take your eyes off it for a moment?

Sorry, just kidding. You mean the “cursor”, not the mouse.

This is not a problem with your physical mouse. I probably can’t diagnose it remotely, even if you had provided your type of computer and operating system and mouse and mouse driver (all of which should be included if you’re asking a technical question about a mouse). But my first suggestion would be to update or reload your driver. There should be updated drivers on your mouse manufacturer’s web site, and possibly Microsoft’s. You may have a corrupted file, in which case reinstalling the existing driver might help. I can’t give you much more specifics about how to do this without at least knowing what operating system you have.

Best of luck.

Oops, I’m usinf XP, the mouse is an HP, as is the machine.

You could just try going to Device Manager and deleting the mouse from the System. Reboot and XP will detect and reinstall the needed software. That might overwrite any corrupted drivers issues that might be the cause. Go To Control Panel>System>Hardware Tab>Device Manager scroll to the Mouse device and check the + sign. Select the mouse and Right Click and Uninstall. Then close out and reboot.

Just curious if the pointer comes back after you close Word Perfect…