Mouse Pointer Problem Fix?

Good Morning!

What’s a good fix for when one’s cursor suddenly changes shape and runs down the page like a bat out of hell?

I always appreciate your help!


Just a guess: press the middle mouse button or scroll wheel while a web page is open. Is that what you mean?

That puts the mouse into scroll mode in many browsers and operating systems where moving the mouse scrolls the page. To disable it, just click the middle mouse button or scroll wheel again.

Did your computer recently update? Usually when my mouse goes haywire, it’s because an update happened and my mouse driver is out of whack.

To solve it, I go to the mouse maker’s web site to look for software updates or to the software already on my computer and look for updates. Every time it happens, I find there is an update I can install.

If not the above it could be a mouse gone bad (has it been hanging out on the street corner with some older mice?) If it’s a wireless mouse it could be the battery dying. But some change in the mouse configuration due to an update, malware, failing driver, or something like that is more likely.

So how’s it going Quasi? Long time no talk. If you can PM me maybe I can give you a hand with this.

Hey, you two! It’s a wired mouse made by AZIO model number GM2400. I don’t know; do plug and plays have updates? I will go to the site and see. There was no cd accompanying it, but I 'll check it out asap.

Thanks again. Hey tP. Been kinda busy of late, but I’ll holler at you as soon as I can.


This is kind of out there, but if you are in an office or have a spouse/child that likes to play pranks, someone may have plugged in a wireless mouse and is playing games with you. I know it happens, as I have been a victim of it myself. Was ready to throw a computer away before I figured it out.

Might just be a bit of moisture or dust. Do you have a backup mouse you can plug in and see if the same problem occurs? I have a keyboard with a built-in trackpad, but the same thing happens to me if I inadvertently get a bit of moisture on the trackpad (say, from handling a beverage).

I looked up your type of mouse, and they are less than $20 on Amazon. If you like it, that’s pretty cheap, and it might be worth just getting a new one. If that doesn’t solve the issue, at least you have a backup, and we can go from there.

Take care. :slight_smile:

Thanks, El. I have my wife’s roller-ball mouse I can use if need be. Right now it’s still doing it. Can’t be I’m the only one this is happening to and/or that google cqn’t fix their own stuff and folks that go to FireFox and get a better browser.

Thanks, Elem

Sorry, are you saying your wife’s mouse is doing the same thing on your PC? :slight_smile:

Edit: If no, plug in her mouse (while PC is powered off) and see what happens when Windows starts up again.