Another movie ID thread: French American somethingsomething.

I remember hearing about a movie that I’ve been trying to find and see for a while now, but I can’t remember the title and Googling isn’t helping. I’m pretty sure it’s a French movie, and I think it’s a comedy. It’s certainly about a Frenchman who has somehow decided that he is actually an American (at least at heart). Unfortunately, the American consulate turns down his immigration application. Obviously, in that great American can-do spirit, he decides to turn his block into a little slice of what he thinks America is like and declare it the 51st state. It continues in that general fashion.

Anyone have any idea what I’m talking about?

Voila! Your description makes it sound kinda interesting, but unfortunately it currently has a 3.5 on IMDB, if you care about that kind of thing…

Yes, there we are. I misremembered the name (as L’American) and couldn’t turn it up. Thank you!

The reviews do look pretty bad, even to my very meager French, and I don’t think there’s a subbed version of the DVD out there. Too bad; apparently some people are trying to offload it for as little as three to five euros, and I don’t think I’d mind that too much to satisfy my curiosity.