L'Auberge Espagnole (probable spoilers)

I haven’t seen a thread about it yet so I thought I’d start one.

Saw this movie last night at our university cinema. Liked it a lot, very clever. I really liked the subtle statements about the EU (the two sides of Britain on the EU issue, nobody really liking the American except the British girl, possibility of moving past stereotypes to really unify, etc.). In fact, the only criticism I have about the movie was that I thought they should have focused less on Xavier and his personal life, and more on the relations among the roommates. Wondering what everybody else who saw the movie thought.

I loved it! Probably has a lot to do with the fact that I spent a year in Barcelona on Erasmus (university student exchange, for those of you who haven´t seen the film) and I saw the movie half a year later. It certainly portrays Barcelona and life there very nicely.
I thought the focus was okay, it was intended as a comedy and I quite liked the perspective of seeing it through Xavier´s eyes.
I agree with you, it´s a very clever movie, it´s funny, and it´s beautiful.
May I ask - did you see it in the US? Was it subtitled or dubbed?

Yes, I saw it in the US, and it was subtitled. Fortunately I speak French (though occasionally did have to look at the subtitles as native speech is sometimes too quick for me), so I could understand it that way. I think most of the people in the theatre (which was surprisingly packed) were French speakers as well. More comments later probably, but for now have to run to class.

Great film. The characters are wonderful, even the drunken British lout.

My only criticism: You could see the ending coming a mile away!

I liked it, thought it was a good-natured coming-of-age story, but I wasn’t really blown away by it. I don’t have anything bad to say about it, but I can’t really summon an overwhelmingly gushy sentiment about it either.

It was a pleasant diversion for a couple hours, and now, a few months after seeing it, I’ve almost forgotten what it was about.