Another name my pet thread - With pics!

OK, so not my pets, but my sister’s new pets. She has Guinea Pigs. Some have been previously posted. Mouse used to live with Maria, then my sister added Molly to the mix. Here is my cat playing with a Mouse. So, Maria died, my sister decided to rebuild the herd, and got suckered in by two little piggies at the humane society. Currently, they are known as The Black One and The Brown One. This can’t be. She is not set on names starting with M and all piggies are females. She doesn’t want other rodents or food stuffs. My suggestion of Muskrat and Meerkat were vetoed.

Here are the promised pictures (or pigtures, as the case may be).
TBlO and TBrO eating lettuce.
Pigs at the Bar, the salad bar. Molly, Mouse, TBrO, TBlO, in that order.
Molly, TBlO, TBrO conspiring against my sister.
TBrO hiding from TBlO by pretending to be hay.
TBlO also pretending to be hay.
And the pathetically cute, click if you dare, TBlO after a bath

So…out with the names! And just a warning, my sister is a lurker and I don’t Dope from work anymore, so y’all won’t hear any more until tomorrow evening, WI time.

Forgive me, for I have no names to suggest, but only want to know…is Maria wearing SOCKS in that picture?

midnight and terdblossom

Mung and Mork.

Croup and Vandemar
or Wint and Kidd
or Pin and Tulip
or… uhh… Jessie and James.

Toobee and Nottoobe

Butch and Sundance

George and Edmund

El Fuzzo and Harry

Ugly and Stupid :smiley:

Mario and Luigi.

Bucky and Satchel
Pig and Rat
Hammy and Zoe

Okay, maybe I do spend too much time reading comics…

Maria’s foot is bandaged festively for Christmas, she tore her little claw on something and had to have it removed.

You guys seem to have mostly missed the female part of the OP. I do like Bucky and Satchel, but my sister is not amused.

Jake and Elwood.

They are awfully cute!

She could name them after 2 of the Infamous Cherry Sisters. :smiley:

Scratch and Sniff.

“I call the big one Bitey.”

Flopsy and Mopsy
Cavy Crockett and Old Betsy
The Notorious P.I.G. (Piggy Smalls)
Bloody Stupid and You Bastard
Angina and Veruca
Oprah and James
Paris and Nicole

The big one (who is also the black one) did bite my sister yesterday!

I really like Scratch and Sniff, my sister may go for Mopsy for the black one. I’ll call them Scratch and Sniff even if they are named something else! Either that, or I’ll have to get a pair of something and name them Scratch and Sniff.

Scylla and Charybdis, from Odysseus’ grand adventures