Another "name that movie" thread (recent SF movie about dreams)

About six months ago I read a review in the local paper for an arthouse movie. The movie was about a device that recorded people’s dreams and happiest moments, so that they could be replayed at your funeral. The movie was set in a futuristic world. I made a mental note of the movie’s name so I could rent it when it came out on video, but the note somehow got lost. I don’t remember any of the stars, or the studio (though I think it was an American production), I just know it was a recent film.

Does anyone know of this movie?

The Final Cut

Yes, that’s it! Thanks! Unfortunately it seems it’s not out on video yet.

I decided to wait for video, too. It got 6.4 out of 10 rating. I just was worried it would be like the last few fantasy/scifi Robin Williams pics. At least this way, if the movie sucks, I can enjoy the extra DVD features.

But, yeah, I bookmarked it in my head, too. The concept seems very Dick-ish.

Yeah, I know what you *really * meant, but this still cracked me up.