Another name the movie thread

I saw a film a few years ago. The plot involved a guy who finds himself in the wrong part of town and he spends the entire film trying to get back home, but keeps ending up in harrowing situations that prevent it from happening. It’s not a horror movie or some woo-woo supernatural thing; the guy is literally in a real-life nightmare that he can’t seem to escape from.

Any ideas?

After Hours?

That was my first guess. Another possibility, Into the Night.

There’s also Judgement Night, with Emilio Estevez and Denis Leary.

Definitely not this one. I’ll take a look at the other two.

I think “After Hours” is probably it, although I’d have to watch it again to be sure. I remember it being quirky and dark, which fits the bill, and that the lead actor was not somebody I recognized.

Griffin Dunne? 2nd lead in American Werewolf in London, the friend who gets turned, and bits & pieces of him keep falling off. After Hours also stars Rosanna Arquette as the woman obsessed by The Wizard of Oz and who may or may not be horribly disfigured by burns.

ETA: also wonderful use of, IIRC, the song “Is That all There Is” by Peggy Lee.

Doc Hollywood?


Thanks, all. Nailed in one, as usual.

After Hours is one of my favorite movies. It’s about men’s sexual fears.

We watched it last night. I’d forgotten parts of it, particularly the ending. It holds up very well for a 1985 film, having very few, if any, references to that era other than the amusingly clunky word processors.

Just like Eraserhead!

Any movie where Cheech and Chong save the day can’t be All Bad.
Makes a great double feature with “Into the Night”.
Two great ducks-out-of-Water films.