Another 'name this movie' question

A friend needs help identifying a movie. Here is what I know about it…

Black and white

May be european

Anthony Quinn, probably the lead - the only actor I know is in the movie.

Friend said Quinn was middle aged in the movie, but not old so I’m guessing something in the 1960’s.

The scene is from the end of the movie, all she saw…

Quinn’s character is comforting a dying woman (likely a former? prostitute) while old biddies gossip about her below the window.

Woman dies and old biddies come in the room and begin rifling through her belongings.
That’s all I know. I’d let it go but my trivia curiosity won’t.

I thought I had posted this earlier but can’t find it so, admin/mods, delete one or the other as needed.

Oops, found the original question.

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On the off chance anybody’s still wondering, this has to be “Zorba the Greek.”