Another Order of the Phoenix Poll: Who's reading it first in your house?

We have two kids both old enough to read Harry Potter.

Since my son disappeared for the weekend with Goblet of Fire and didn’t emerge until he was done (yes, he read the whole damn thing in a weekend) it’s my daughter’s turn to read it first this time.

Except, I’m concerned about the “death” in the book, and not wanting my daughter to come out crying and not being able to comfort her without spoiling the book for me, I will be reading it first.

Purely for philanthropic reasons of course…I want to know about the death, so if my daughter gets upset, she will have someone to talk about it with.
The things we must do for our children.

In my house it goes by 2 things: Who gets their grubby little hands on it first and who reads fastest.

My son will no doubt be first since he is the fastest in grabbing and reading. He’ll finish it before he falls asleep, no matter when he gets it.

My daughter and/or my husband may get to it next, but they are slow readers, so I’ll get tired of waiting for them to finish it and sneak it from either one of them. It’ll take me a day or two.

Almost always it works out as son, me, daughter, husband.

We are a “go for yours” household.

The SO and I will either buy our own copies, or throw chops to see who gets it first. And, no matter what he says, he does not get unlimited ST chops. :mad:

I bought two copies of GOF just to avoid this situation. However, I’m not sure if I’m excited enought to merit buying this next one. My son will finish fairly quickly, then I can have at it.