I'm just going to crawl into a cave until June 21st

I am eagerly awaiting Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I have the book on reserve at Waldenbooks, and plan on making the trek to the mall this Saturday.

I cannot seem to get away from spoilers! I’m flipping through the channels, pause a bit on the O’Reilly Factor, and he has some psychologist on blabbering about how the books have gotten darker and how another child dies in the book. Katie Couric is interviewing Rowling on Friday, and in the promos, Rowling says “What I consider a major character dies.”

I don’t want to know! I have studiously stayed away from discussion threads in Cafe Society. I avoid the news articles about how Rowling is suing the Daily News for $100 million because they published a preview on the book. I close my ears to people talking about the book. But I can’t get away from it!!

Don’t ruin the book for me!!

Darth Vader is Harry’s Father,

Harry Kim.

From Star Trek : Voyager

Yeah, I got nothing here…

Spoiler free here and I intend to remain that way until this weekend.

How come you have to have an english accent to be a wizard.
i’m with you noclueboy, no harry potter cracks on me today
…You may have gotten away today potter!

Harry Potter?

Isn’t that the cheap knock-off of Terry Pratchett? :smiley:

talk to me, I’m the only person on the planet (apparently) who hasn’t read any of 'em.

Obligatory reference to the name of Charles Foster Kane’s sled.

Harry was really cloned from Valdemort.

One of the mailing lists I subscribe to is ChildLit. It’s grand, really. Except today this message comes across titled:

Dumbledore dead? Say it ain’t so!.

I had to calculate the latest possible time zone this person could be in before I opened the message to learn that it was just a continuation of a discussion about possibilities in the next book. Shortly thereafter, someone sent a message to the list requesting that care be taken with spoilers. This is a worldwide list, and some will get and finish the book far earlier than others. I’m hoping everyone on the list is careful (and I hope all the dopers are too!)

I’m going to read the book - eventually, but I have oodles of reading for my two summer classes. And I have to wait for July financial aid to come in before I could buy it anyway, so I figure I’ll learn a lot about it before I actually get to read it, even if I avoid as many spoilers as possible .

You rang?

You think that’s bad? My SO and I have planned to hit the bookstores at midnight on June 21 and not leave until we have a copy of the new Harry Potter - but my brother is having a WEDDING that day, so instead of being able to lounge around and enjoy the new installment of Harry, I have to go to the wedding! I tried to get them to reschedule, but he wouldn’t even make that small concession for his big sister:(.

SO was joking about sneaking off to the coat closet at the wedding to have sex - I’m dead serious about sneaking off to the coat closet to read Harry Potter!


“Forget sex honey, we have to finish this Harry Potter book! I will not rest until I have read this thing cover to cover!”

Unfortunately for me, I can’t be anywhere NEAR a bookstore for the next few days…possibly in two weeks time…horse show and horse clinics that will take up all my time and money. :frowning:

We’ve put aside this weekend to read the book. And we’re not the only ones.

LOL! You think he won’t be hearing that from me? It’s HARRY POTTER, dammit!:slight_smile: My boy can wait - besides, he wants to read it as much as I do;).


At least you can read it…think of poor, poor pitiful me who won’t be able to read it until next month!

'Fraid so. :wink:

I am also avoiding all the spoilers.

I cannot remember being so damn excited about a book release in so long…if ever. Mine is coming through Amazon and I will be absolutely on pins and needles until it is in my hot little hands some time next week.

I will avoid CAFE Society until then because I don’t want it ruined for me. {fingers in ears}Nyah nyah nyah, I can’t hear you!

Couldn’t you just do both? :wink: Women are so much better at multi-tasking then men. Hee.

( I would take the book with me in the event of down time or sheer boredom in the car. I mean, your brother’s wedding, like that isn’t going to happen four or five times more in your life. He has a lotta nerve picking HP5’s release date to get married. Obviously no priorities. )

I have two children panting to read the book, and since there’s a “death” I want to be able to comfort them without having the book spoiled.

So Mommy gets to read it first. Purely in the best interests of my children, of course. :smiley:

I can’t wait for mine to come from Amazon either. My daughter is still at the stage where she wants it read out loud to her and to skip the very scary parts (She’s 9, but she scares very easily). So of course either my husband or I will have to read it first. But how we’re going to fight out which one of us that is I have no idea.

My husband is on a Harry Potter for adults e-mail loop and there have already been explicit instructions regarding spoiling the fifth book.

Haven’t read any of 'em, don’t plan to.