Half Blood Prince excitement thread - no spoilers

Since I don’t want to peruse the other Harry Potter threads simply to jitter aimlessly about how excited I am to be getting my Harry Potter book this week, and I believe I am not alone - come and jitter away about muggles, wizards, owls, princes, brooms, etc etc etc.

Good lord I’m excited about this book.

Since I insist on having the ‘real’ versions of the books, I have to wait until the 22nd (approximately) to receive my copy from amazon.uk. Oh, the anticipation!

In this thread I talked about helping to teach kids a little about movie make-up. One kid wanted a Harry Potter scar on his forehead, which I applied with rigid collodion and greasepaint. A little girl also wanted one. (I think it cheesed the first kid off a little, since A) she’s a girl, and B) it was his idea to get a Harry Potter scar.) The kids (aged eight to ten) who mentioned it were very excited as they waited for the new book.

I was reading about one of the reasons JKR required such tight security, (aside from obvious loss of income) she also has this vision of all the kids having the book at the same time and so they read it together and all “experience” it together.

It’s a rather cool vision, to go out on a playground and see kids sitting around with the book in their laps instead of running amuck.

We’ll see how true it is to reality.

If I had a playground to sit on and read, I’d totally hang upside down from the monkey bars and read. That’d rock.

Okay, my personal opinion is that all human happiness will be brought to a pinnacle on Friday at midnight, when we get our books (well, “we” being the people who are crazy enough to stand in line at a bookstore.) HP has brought so much joy and meaning into my life, and every waking hour since we learned the release date for HBP has been spent thinking about it. (At least a little bit of every hour. That does include all aspect of fanon and fanfic, of course.) Also…
The 2003 Nimbus book is FINALLY FINALLY published, and they actually managed to get it out BEFORE HBP, which I didn’t think was going to happen.


And be sure to click on Click here to read an excerpt from the book, if you want to see just how obsessed I really am. :slight_smile: There are my Insane HP Fan credentials!

I ordered mine from Overstock.com.

I have this insane hope that I will get the book a day early. Why? I ordered the last DVD from them and it arrived in my hot little hands the day before the official release date. So did my LOTR dvds…

Dare I hope?

I will let you know what happens.

I just ordered mine and I told my six year old that I was so excited that I wanted to take medicine that would make me sleep till it arrives.

I also may have referred to “friggin’ Voldemort” about 4 times, too.

Very cool! My favorite HP fanfiction just recently ended though she promises that there will be a sequel. It’s on fanfiction.net and is written by ‘Green Gecko.’ It started out from a single line in one of the books to which it mentions that the likelihood of Snape giving them a day off of classes was on par with him adopting Harry. So the author took that idea and ran with it and turned it into an 83 chapter (I think…) fanfiction. It was fantastic.

I was on the HPforGrownups List for a while but it was too busy for me to keep up with and I soon got overwhelmed.

I’m a combination of excited and worried. Excited because I love the books and am supposed to be getting mine early on the 16th. Worried because I moderate a book forum and I’m sure that jerks will be posting spoilers as soon as they can.

Which means that I’ll probably end up spoiled before I can finish the book.

I hate people.

But I love my co-victims of Pottermania. :slight_smile:

I ordered mine from Amazon, I’m hoping hoping hoping that’s the story for me too but with the stringent requirements they’re putting on the distributors I am not too hopeful.

I’m wondering how many brownie points I’d earn with my siblings if I offered to babysit their kids and use it as an excuse to read Harry Potter to them. They all know the stories too, and so I work hard to be the cool uncle who keeps up on what they’re into… And it’s just good bonding time.

I’m tempted to hit my B&N on Friday just to see how hysterical (not funny, truly into hysteria) it gets. I live in Midtown so we aren’t the most populous section of town but I have no doubt people will be driving down here in hopes of avoiding the madness.

Digital Camera at the ready…

Right now I’m reading Chamber of Secrets to my son (who finds it a bit too tame) and re-reading Order of the Pheonix to myself. I’m in Harry Heaven.

Okay, here’s a majorly geekly confession: recently my son, his friend and I were deciding which Hogwarts house Darth Vader would be in. Give me a break, they’re six! I know it’s not even worth discussing because it would have to be Slytherin.

Am I the only one who enjoys HP buy waits for the paperback?


You might just be…

No not really. My friend waits for it to come out on sale in Sams, which obviously isn’t that long away but I’m sure a lot of people either get it from the library before buying it and usually waiting for the paperback.

HP are about the *only * books that I don’t get at the used bookstore or in paperback.

I want my book! I will not be online from Friday night until I’ve finished reading, so I won’t be spoiled.

Last time, DeHusband even took HP&TOotP to church the next Sunday to read during service. I was expecting to get some flak over it, but the only comment was from one of the pastors asking how far DeHusband had gotten and had he read about Delores Umbridge (“the froggy lady”) yet. Now that’s my kind of pastor!

EEEEE! (excitement enough ;)).

I’ll be at the bookstore at midnight up at the Perimeter B&N in Atlanta. I’ll be sure to be there early, so I can get a good spot in line ;). I’ll be going with a bunch of my work friends, so I expect some good fun on line :D.

Squee! I remember last time, I was forced to go to a family function the next day, and everyone was all “Oh look, she’s reading the book. Better not disturb her, or she’ll bite our heads off.” It’s good to have a family reputation.

Now I have to go to the midnight party (oh, the pain :p), because it was a pre-ordered birthday gift, and my mother had to cancel her credit card because of pickpocketing. I’d never thought I’d contemplate costumes. I hear B&N sells great cookies though.

I wish I could do that! sob

Someone somewhere is gonna tell me what happens. That person, I’m biting.

I’m trying to decide if I should buy the book on Friday night even though I’m already buying it on tape that night, and getting it from Amazon Saturday. WHAT IF they don’t knock loudly enough and I don’t hear it and they won’t leave it without a signature and–

(panic attack break)

It might be worth it for sheer peace of mind.

I WISH JKR would come to Toronto for a book signing or something!! My friend saw her at some event here in Toronto and I was so jealous of her! Yes, I will be adding an exclamation point or two at the end of my sentences, so get used to it! Have most of you been re-reading "Order of the Phoenix? I am, so I can prepare myself! Eeeee!

Good Og, I sound like a six-year-old on helium!

Shaking with excitement I was going to go to the Midnight Party thing at Chapters on July 15, but I decided not to because I want to be able to stay awake on July 16 so I can spend the entire day reading! I’m avoiding Mugglenet.com because they keep putting up these news items with links that may contain possible spoilers. And even though I can just not click on the links, I don’t trust the comments that the visitors might put up. I will not be on the computer at all on Saturday. I’ll be on my couch, with my dog sitting on my stomach, biting anyone who dares to interrupt me.

Oh, my gosh!! THREE MORE DAYS!!