Where are you going to be on July 16th 12:00a.m.?

Me? Probably home asleep.

But I know most who will be standing in line outside of their nearest bookstore all over the USA and Canada.

Will you be one of them?

When midnight strikes on July 16th, where will you be?

The book will be delivered to me on Saturday. I’ll be sleeping in til the UPS guy gets here.

You know, I love the series and I’ve read every book.

The only things that can keep me from reading the next book(s) in the series are death, PVS, or blindness (and I can work around the blindness thing).

All that being said, I don’t care if I’m not among the first people on earth to acquire and read the next book. I’ll get it soon, but it might not be until July 23rd, or even (gasp!) later.

As to the OP, I will be fast asleep in a hotel bed in Seattle.

I’ll be on the other side of the counter, propped up by a death wish (I actually volunteered for this thing) and a couple of venti frappuccinos.

I’m going to tell fortunes and take your money and I don’t even have to dress up – I already have that Sybil Trelawny thing going on. :slight_smile:

What’s happening on the 16th? A book published, I gather, but by whom?

Mine will also be delivered on Saturday :smiley:

By midnight I intend to be at Hogwarts.

I will be likely online, trying to avoid spoilers, since funds haven’t permitted this eagerly anticipated purchase. I’ll probably buy it a few weeks later.

I guess I am out of the loop. What book are y’all anticipating?

Oh, OK, I just saw the “Hogwarts” reference. I get it now.

[Roseanne Roseannadanna voice] Never mind. [/Roseanne Roseannadanna voice]

It’s the new Lord of the Rings book. “Frodo the Potter and the Wizard of Oz”.

Well, as much as I’d love to be in front of the nearest Chapters with a sleeping bag and my stack of books next to me for comfort, I’ll be at home…watching TV and the movies to waste the night away and sneaking glances at the clock and praying I’ll fall asleep to make the night go away, but I probably won’t because I’ll be overcome with excitement.

Ah, well. Come morning, I’m going to get up when my dad gets up to go to work (9 a.m.) and hop in the car with my mom who drops him off at work and break several driving laws getting to the nearest Chapters and cursing every time the traffic light turns red.

And if anyone tries to steal my book, I’m going to kick their ass because I’m Korean and I know tae-kwon-do!!*

*I don’t really know tae-kwon-do. Hell, I punch like a girl.

I’ll be drunk.

Would like to read the book, but I plan to stick with tradition and borrow a copy from the public library.

Probably posting on here. :slight_smile:

I understand the enthusiasm for such things (I play a postally moderated game that is adjudicated on Friday nights, and I stay logged in on my computer eagerly anticipate the Web page updating).

But I don’t feel strongly enough about young Potter to queue in the street.

Hope everyone enjoys it (and that it doesn’t rain on you!).

Put on my sad face and plead with the local book merchant that my nonexistant convalescing son wants the book. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I will go to the book shop fifteen minutes before closing when I do this!!

When the last one came out I was living in a small college town in central Georgia. People headed 40 miles to the nearest city (Macon, GA) and stood in line for hours until 12:01 a.m. at the Barnes & Noble and other bookstores for fear of (gasp!) not being able to get a copy for a few more days. I got a good night’s sleep, walked to the nearest grocery store the next day, bought my lunch and a copy of the book (at a really good price- 30% off or something like) and left tables full of copies behind. I’ll probably do the same this year. (Or I might buy an advance copy at SAM’S CLUB- they’re currently selling “dummy” copies you can exchange for the real thing starting on the 16th so I might do that just because it’s a good price.)

At home asleep. The midnight book thing is more Alias’ cup of tea than mine. Afterwards I’ll be waiting for her to finish the book so I can get a crack at it.

Tell me about it. I pre-ordered the last one and it got here long after my HP group got their copies, while, everywhere I went, there seemed to be stacks and stacks of it all over the place. I know better this time. No pre-order for me.

i haven’t decided on which barnes and noble… ritt. square in philly or union square in nyc.

it is fun to see the kidlets all excited and dressed up to get a book.

Liar! Charles Shultz is dead.

I honestly thought the book came out ages ago. That means I’m going to have to wait even longer to mooch a copy from a friend.