Another Pink Floyd Movie synch

(almost) Everyone knows about Pink Floyd’s Dark Side/Wizard of Oz supposed synching up (here’s a link for those who don’t). Personally, I don’t think they synch up, but I don’t care one way or the other. What surprises me, though, is that almost nobody I talk to knows about another PF movie synch: Echoes with the last part of 2001:Space Odyssey.

Fire up Echoes about 1 or 2 seconds after the screen says “To Jupiter, and Beyond Infinity” and I tell you it matches up remarkably well. Not in a DSotM/WoO way, where you squint your ears and say “ya that kinda matches up,” I mean the song just seems to flow naturally with the movie, to the point that you can even forget its not the actual soundtrack. When the scene shifts, the song shifts. Like when the monolith aligns with the planets and the color explosions start, the song rocks out. When the ship enters Jupiter’s atmosphere, the song shifts to the weird part with what sounds like the birds screaming (wish I could describe it better). The song and the scene end at almost the exact same time, and the rising crescendo at the end of the song goes perfectly with the lil baby looking at the camera. Its just fantastic to watch/hear, and I recommend every PF fan give it a shot.

Now I am not saying that they did it on purpose or whatever, I’m just surprised that, given how prolific the whole DSotM/WoO thing is, more people don’t talk about this one.

2001/echoes in 3 parts:

Thanks Enola, shoulda thought that this would be on youtube but didn’t check. Clearly, I am a lazy bastard.

I posted part twice by mistake…here’s part 2