Another preacher puts his foot in it

A few days ago there was a memorial service in San Francisco for the local victims of the terrorist attack. Various local politicians spoke at it, including former supervisor Amos Brown, now a minister. Who goes off into an anti-America rant right there, in front of the grieving friends and relatives. The boyfriend of one of the victims walked out in anger.

Even apart from the content of the remarks, which has already been debated here, it is just so crass to carry on like that at a memorial service. It’s supposed to be a time to be comforting and uplifting, not trotting out your divisive political agenda. And apparently the crowd cheered him on, which is even more disturbing. Grow up people, and move beyond 1973.

I don’t live in SF any more, but it has a special place in my heart. And that place aches right now.