Trump *celebrates* 9/11 anniversary

And I mean CELEBRATES. Look at the pic at the link - he is PUMPED over this occasion.

9/11, fuck yeah! is his clear attitude. Good Lord.

Trump’s problem is that he’s really fuckin dumb, and lacks empathy entirely. Ok, that’s 2. He’s got lots of problems, then, mainly centered around stupidity and selfishness.

Take a close-up look at the face of the security guy on Melanie’s (anatomical) left. He’s wearing an expression which screams out “What the FUCK is wrong with you?”

He could just be squinting in the sunlight, of course. But I prefer the first interpretation.

He’s in my state. Ew.

Amongst his problems are such diverse elements as…

I think both the security guys have a bit of a “WTF dude?” look on their faces.

Imagine what kind of stuff they’ve seen every day of the last two years, and now imagine him posturing like this on 9/11 of all days.

When I heard on NPR this morning that Trump was giving a speech in Shanksville today, I naturally assumed that it would just be another “Trump” speech that had little or nothing to do with “9/11”.

At least he didn’t say something stupid like “I prefer people who * didn’t* die on 9/11.”

The day ain’t done.

He’d have to go a ways to beat his interview on 9/11/2001:

“Terrorism is bad, but there’s good and bad people on both sides…”

There is little Trump can do or say about 9/11 that would be useful or helpful. He is such a bellicose and dishonest piece of human filth that even if he read from a script written by a humane, educated saint, the baggage his voice inflicts on any utterance would stain the message beyond meaning. The second best thing he could do for this country would be to give us 24 hours of silence.

Good Lord. The Dems should have used excerpts from that in ads back in 2016.

BTW, if you want to hear the actual comments he made as it was happening, go to around the 2:00 mark here.

He’s pumped because all he knows is it’s a special day and thereore another “look at great me” opportunity.

This is the picture I though was going to be in the link

Dear Donald: Observe human beings. Try to behave more as they do.

A double fist pump goes so well with this.(from the link)

It is. Scroll down.

How did this guy get elec…
Oh, never mind. :smack:

The picture that the White House did post on Twitter was apparently from last year. It includes Omarosa, Hope Hicks and Ty Cobb in the crowd, for example:

(This is not the horribly unsettling picture from the OP. This is a different, more minor, bit of incompetence.)

and …

And on the anniversary of the attacks in 2013, he tweeted his **“best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date.” **

Fuck him. May he die soon (painfully) and go straight to hell.