Another Reason Circumcision Is Good

According to this article, circumcision greatly reduces the chance of HIV infection.

I know there have been several hundred screaming matches on the SDMB about the pros and cons of circumscision - but here is at least one scientific reason to select the procedure.

If parents are that forward-thinking, wouldn’t they be better off having a frank discussion with their children about condoms, at the appropriate time? Condoms have a far better success rate for protection than the 70% in that article.

Plus, how do you explain to a kid why you chose to have them circumcised, if that’s your sole reason?

It’s not an either/or proposition. Parents can choose to do both.

Plus, history shows that teenagers are highly receptive to teenage advice. Always.

The same way they explain “Tradition”.

*I’m waiting for a kid to sue his parents over this. Any day now.


…receptive to parental advice

It’s still cutting stuff off a little boy’s wee-wee! Sorry, emotional response there.

Having a boy circumcised because it might prevent future trouble reminds me of having a double mastectomy because breast cancer runs in my family. Unless the probability is very high, which is true for some cancers in some families, I’d be very reasonably safe being vigilant about self-exams and gyno check-ups. So I say discussing HIV prevention, starting when they’re young, would be my option. It’s not crazy to think your kids will listen to you. YMMV.

Considering the previous studies and the fact that this particular study has yet to be peer reviewed or even published, suggests that it’s a little premature to make the suggestion in the OP.
I’d like to see the data on this experiment. Also hope it includes the sexual activities of both the cut and uncut participants and their demographics. I don’t care if they were randomly chosen or not. If the majority of the uncut males were highly sexually active, never practiced safe sex, and lived in an area where the population had higher percentage of HIV, then there’s other things at work here.
I want to hear about the other variables in the experiment and see if they stayed controlled or if they think simply “randomly selecting” the males would average it all out.

If they randomly selected men, ordered them to use no condoms, and then made them have sex at least twice a month to a new person, then the results might mean something to me.

… anyway. I’ll wait to read this once it’s published.

“Use a condom. But in case you don’t, we chopped off your foreskin.” Great.

What about kids who think they’re ‘safe’ because they’re circumcised, and for that reason don’t use condoms? It wouldn’t take many to negate the statistics so far.

And that means what, exactly?

Nope, it would be a very very different explanation. ‘Tradition’ is ultimately a ‘because we say so’ explanation. This isn’t.

Ahh, OK.

But seriously, the kind of parents that are going to be dicussing STDs in the context of their baby son aren’t likely to be the kind which will have the most difficulty talking to their adolescent son about sex?

An even better solution would be to cut off the entire penis - it’s 100% effective in preventing nearly all STDs!

While we’re at it, I’m having my daughter’s vagina sewn shut. 100% reduction in teen pregnancy!

A stupid reason since it shows a disregard for condoms.

I’m currently reading “Y: The Descent of Men” by geneticist Steve James. He discusses the multiple studies done on this topic. Some do indicate that circumcision may be beneficial in preventing HIV infection. Yet there are other African sexual practices, not controlled for in these studies, that may contribute to increased transmission rates. Furthermore, other studies indicate the opposite. Infection rates are high in the U.S., Tanzania, and Rwanda, where circumcision is common, as compared to other Western and African countries, respectively. Studies also suggest that circumcision increases susceptibility to herpes infection.

James: “Most physicians now dismiss the whole idea of a fit between genital surgery and venereal infection.”

Would you settle for suing the hospital?

The article does cite that the findings apply to sex with women.

Regardless, you’ll peel my foreskin from my cold, dead right hand.