ANOTHER Robin Hood movie???

:smack:For corns sake!:rolleyes:

What is Hollywoods fascination with this fictional character?.

The plots of these films are usually similar. And quite lame. How many of these bad movies are they going to make?

Enough, already.

It’s an old myth and thus public domain. No copyright to worry about. And since it’s very well known, might as well make a movie about it. IIRC, every major Robin Hood movie has made a profit.

I’ve wondered the same about Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan.

A story of a sexy outlaw who outwits the bloviating plutocrat oppressing the locals, teaching that the poor can band together and outmaneuver the wealthy elites who control their lives?

This is a story that remains relevant an inspirational through the centuries, although I look forward to the day that it becomes archaic.

Those are a little different, as both were created in the twentieth century and so were under copyright for a long time. I believe Disney controls rights to the Winnie the Pooh property while the rights to Peter Pan are held by a children’s hospital in the UK.

But, yes, they have frequently been make into movies, as have Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, the various novels of Charles Dickens and the King Arthur legend. (The last one is of course in the public domain, while the rest were under copyright for at least part of the movie era.)

As opposed to their fascination with superhero movies? The plots of those films are usually similar. And quite lame. But they keep making more because people want to see them.

Arguably, Robin Hood was the earliest superhero, so it’s just part of the trend.

Gilgamesh kicks his ass, in my fanfics!

Then they have sex.

Robin Hood, King Arthur, Sherlock Holmes, repeat. It’s the Hollywood cycle.

When they make a version where Robin is a girl’s name. call me. Until then…

The answer to “how long” is as long as they make any money whatsoever.

I’m thinking that it’s time to take another approach by portraying him with a lot more edge, sort of like a Clint Eastwood western anti-hero type.

Is this the one with Taron Egerton as Robin Hood? The trailers make it look lame as hell. Egerton brings Kingsman baggage to the film with his mug, and it seems some Kingsmen-level tech to the medieval world. How can this not become a camp classic? I’ll be seeing it, if only to nudge a bit more of Costner Hood out of my brain.

I’d kinda like to see a live action version of Rocket Robin Hood. The success of Guardians of the Galaxy suggests the market is there.

But…this is NINJA Robin Hood! Twirling and spinning in the air and shooting arrows with unworldly precision. With explosions!

Don’t know where they got explosives in the 14th century, but who cares!

I think the 1939 Errol Flynn version was so good and so iconic that it’s never been topped. I don’t think that’s true of many of these other frequent movie subjects (King Arthur, Sherlock Holmes, A Christmas Carol, etc.). Sure, there have been good versions of each, but no single one stands out so strongly.

Robin Hood blows up a 14th century armored personnel carrier.

That’s the sort of thing that you think would be kind of so-stupid-it’s-cool but then, on screen, it’s just really stupid.

Robin: Lady of Legend (The Classic Adventures of the Girl Who Became Robin Hood)
Good remake(reboot?).

Not exactly what you want, but in 2001, a young Keira Knightley starred in “Princess of Thieves,” a Disney TV movie about Robin Hood’s daughter.

I have to believe that someone’s done an actual film with a female Robin Hood.

Agreed. Though I have some affection for the idiosyncratic postcript Robin and Marian with Richard Harris as a prick King Richard, Robert Shaw as a wry, intellectual Sheriff of Nottingham and Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn as the aging, sort of regretful title characters.


I just saw another 2018 Robin Hood film, this one. It’s fine. No worse for not spending millions on Kevin Costner, Russel Crowe, Uma Thurman, or even Taron Egerton.

I’d like a Robin Hood based more closely on the earliest extant tales. His love interest could be Clorinda, Queen of the Shepherds. He could go and be a fisherman in Yorkshire for a bit. He can live in the Major Oak. Guy of Gisborne can be a bounty hunter who Robin murders, rather than just a name they feel obligated to include. Will Scarlet can be Will Scathelock again.

And while we’re at it, how about a King Arthur where he hunts a giant sapient boar who has some hairdressing equipment he needs, with the help of his trusty sidekicks Osla Big-knife and Glewlwyd Gafaelfawr.

If you’re going to keep going back to the same well, why not draw from the bottom?