Another search engine question

A few weeks back I was reading a magazine review of some websites and they mentioned a search engine I had not heard of before. This search engine was unusual in that it specialized in pictures. So if you typed in “Millard Fillmore” as the subject of your search, it would locate websites that had pictures of our thirteenth President. I thought it was a cool idea and I wanted to check it out. However, I neglected to write down the URL and now I’ve forgotten it (I’ve also forgotten what magazine I read it in as well). I remember the URL was and I think it started with a “d”. Anyone able to help me?

Well, you learn something new every day. I intended the URL in my OP as just an example of what the real URL looked like. But apparently this board automatically creates a link to any string of words that looks like a real URL. Don’t bother trying it, however, there’s no website on the other end.

I don’t know if this is what you’re thinking of, but you can read about it here.

Lycos has a graphics search sub-engine. If you specify you are looking for images, it will only return links to images that are names as or associated with the text you type in the search field.

I used it when I needed a picture of a crocodile. I was less successful in seeking out a picture of a sewing machine. You have to browse through a lot of pictures that don’t fit your needs.

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You know, old Bug Vomit makes a pretty good point.

Anyway one of the search engines mentioned in the linked article was which is almost certainly the one I read about. Thanks to my alter-ego and AHunter for their responses.