Yahoo! IWon! Now I'm all Googley

IIRC someone once mentioned a site where you could see what criteria people were entering for search engines with hilarious results. I think it was supposed to be partly real-time with a top-ten-type list as well. I know it couldn’t possibly list all the concurrent searches since there must be many - but does anyone know of such a site or something similar?

I typed ‘Most common searches’ into google.
The results were less than hilarious, but there were many many sites where you can see the stats and examples.

Metacrawler also has MetaSpy. It can be scary to see what some people are looking for.

Metaspy lets you see what everyone is searching for through their search engine.

Is that what you’re after?

Yep - not as interesting as I had hoped. Thanks.

I captured a few interesting searches from Metaspy in about 10 minutes time:
Mature Pantyhose Pics
shortr-bowel syndrone
Wild Cherries Teen
loli loli pics
Famous Hitler Quotes, Life of David Gale
Free Mp3 Downloads
turkish gun factory (might make a good band name)
im better than your kids
pantyhose pics (this guy must be determined)
hot hairy horny men
free teen pic
I also saw lots of searches for “food”. Several searches for maps of specific locales also turned up.

I suppose in the evening hours when more people are home the searches would be even more interesting.

Are you thinking of Googlefight?

Interestingly enough, dwc1970, the first page that loaded on MetaSpy included the Mature pantyhose pics entry. I’ve always wondered if those things were real…