Post your Google search history!

from least recent to most:

noblesse oblige
apathy treatment
ataxia definition
syberia demo game
gartley 222
texas hold’em poker software
texas hold’em mania


Is there some secret way to do this other than looking at your browser’s cache and typing it out manually?

Mine would be depressing, anyway.

White Lightning you mean you aren’t using the Google Toolbar? It’s the best thing ever.

I’m totally not. Is it? I’ll give it a shot then.

I’m just so used to typing “” [tab] [enter] that I don’t even think about it any more.

ahh I never dreamed that everyone didn’t use the google toolbar. So White Lighting did you think I meant the address history?

Something just struck me as funny about going from apathy to noblesse oblige to texas fricking hold’em. I’m the poster boy for ADD.

IE 5.0 doesn’t fully support the toolbar (I’ve not installed it to find out if my build does)

I type ‘goo’ and get there that way.

For some strange reason, I feel really guarded about posting this, like I’m giving up something deeply personal. :confused:

Anyway all but one of the searches is directly related to something here at SDMB so here goes:

“swat it”
+“couldn’t care less” +“could care less”
git mo
truth serum
sodium pentothal
“think of the children”
won’t somebody please think of the children?
“eyeballs removed”
“eyes had been surgically removed”
eyeball serial killer
troll church

Ok, found some very odd searches done by other people who use my computer. I’m going to go try and forget everything I learned in the last 5 minutes.

I didn’t know what you meant. But this is just the kind of stuff I love, so I asked. And now I’ve got the Google Toolbar. Life is good.

Be warned: it totally destroyed IE6 for me, couldn’t be repaired, and I had to reinstall Windows.

In IE you can customise your searh options to automatically search google from the address bar by setting it in the autosearch settings.

I was told there is a security hole in the goggle toolbar. Can’t remember exactly want it is though. Anyone know anything about this?

I presume it lets you see through it? (DYSWIDT?)

hmmm, I use opera, which has a little box next to the address bar I can search from.
I checked my history and heres a “slightly” edited list in alphabitical order:
Google Search: aix certification
Google Search: CNE certification
Google Search: dot3 vs environmental bump mapping
Google Search: environmental bump mapping
Google Search: how to break into IT industry
Google Search: jhonen vasquez complete works
Google Search: job search australia
Google Search: reverse log reader windows
Google Search: shopping groceries online perth
Google Search: tafe australia
Google Search: UO free shards australia
Google Search: use hex in web address
Google Search: west australian

Er . . .

Any way I can get this google toolbar for AOL?

Ok I know this post is really old, but I was feeling nostalgic. Anyway, I think I put this EXACT series into google once. By chance were you looking for Charles Albright, the creepy guy that now draws eyes in prison? You must have seen the HBO Autopsy too. That was the creepiest serial killer story ever. Matches even the Dr. Karl van Kosin(sp?) necrophilia story in creepiness.

Heh, mine is a little mini-chronicle of my life over the last couple of weeks. There’s a story behind every one of 'em I tell ya.

Charon moon of Pluto
Homo sapiens hominidae mammalia
Nellie Bly
Zach Galifianakis
Half-Life Patch
Dallas Opera
Abilene Civic Center Cabaret
tornado records
“la reve” casino
“la reve”
la reve
bellagio cost
Las Vegas tourism
fremont street experience