Help me break a stupid internet search habit!

jsgoddess was recently here for a visit, and she observed me doing something repeatedly that I’d never been conscious of. And now that I’m aware of it, it’s driving me mad.

We’d be engaged in conversation about some topic which would invariably call for looking something up on the internet. I use Google exclusively for my internet searches. Google is set as my home page on my home computers. And I have the Google search toolbar up in my browsers. So what do I do when I want to search Google? I…click in the URL bar and type out “” without thinking. Which, invariably, leads to my companion putting her head down on my desk and indulging a fit of laughter, along with some finger-pointing when she can compose herself enough for it. :smack:

Old habits are tough to break. Why can’t I remember that I have one-click (or less!) access to a Google search when I need it? How do I change this??? I’ve never been dumped over a repeated case of the stupids before, but it could happen any day now if I don’t get help. :slight_smile:

The boyfriend does that. I try to break him of it, but he says he doesn’t care.

What, no http:// ?


As habits go I can think of 47 worse ones without any effort.

It was only a few months ago that I myself noticed there’s a little Google logo up there in the tool bar. I remember to click on it about 70% of the time now.

best wishes

I go to as a protest against doing what a business entity wants me to do. I might want to check google, but I’ll do it on my own terms, damnit!!! :slight_smile:

Wow. You are a true rebel, aren’t you.

OP: I must admit that I have done this same silly thing myself.
Maybe you should switch to Chrome.

Nothing you can do. Your relationship is doomed (DOOMED) unless you can somehow spin it as quaint contrarianism.


I do exactly the same, even though in Google Chrome you can just type a Google search straight into the “address bar”. It just feels wrong to do that, like when you see people type URLs into the search box on Google itself.

(BTW you do know that you can at least save yourself typing the “www.” and “.com” parts by just typing “google” and hitting CTRL+Enter? I may type in unnecessary URLs, but at least I do it in a fairly speedy manner :wink: )

What if you turn off the navigation toolbar for a little bit so you CAN’T type in an address (for anything), and then force yourself to either use the Google page or the Google search toolbar?

You’ll have to search for all of your destinations for a little bit (like type in to the search toolbar to get to, or use bookmarks, but it could help cure you…

weirdo :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you using Firefox? If you are, the open google, right click in the search box and choose “add a keyword for this search”. Choose a simple one - like “gg”, for example. Next time you want to do a google search press ctrl+l to go to the address bar, type “gg” and whatever you want to search for. This works for other sites as well. I use “gi” for google images, “wp” for wikipedia, “im” for imdb, “you” for youtube, etc.

Try it out - you’ll never go back. And soon you will be in the :smack: :smiley: position whenever you look over another searcher’s shoulder…

Maybe make your Google search box a little bit bigger - I never used mine until I embiggened it so I could type a proper search in it (and see the typing).


Well, I use IE and Firefox. I’ve tried embiggenating the search box, so we’ll see if that helps.

Panurge, that’s an interesting idea. I’ll give it a shot!

Colophon, that sounds like so much work! I am lazy about my laziness, ya know. As has been pointed out, I am quite the slacker.

Ogre…I’m pretty sure she’s on the verge of leaving me over this. sigh

“Feels wrong”? I beg to differ. That’s how I do all my searches and it feels so right. I also have a 1-click Wiki Extension, a Gmail extension, and a dictionary extension (which is especially awesome because it lets you double-click any word you come across and gives you an instant definition).

I love Chrome.

I do the exact same thing. It drives me crazy every time, too.

My wife does that and I haven’t been able to break her of it, even with my constant mockery. She quit smoking more easily than she is able to quit typing into the address bar before a search. I think this might be one you can’t rid yourself of.

Sorry to be the bringer of such bad news. :frowning:

This is brilliant! Thanks for the tip.

shrug I have the toolbar installed, but hidden. I only use it for the passive features. I do this same sort of thing, but I don’t type out “,” I just hit the home button.

EVERYONE should switch to Chrome ASAP.

Also, in Firefox, Ctrl + K puts your cursor in the Google search box.

Even when I have Google open on my screen, if I want to do a new search, more often than not I’ll use the toolbar. My husband laughs at me for this.

Of course, my much more annoying internet search habit is looking something up for work, then getting lost in a Wikipedia/SDMB/obscure messageboard clickathon for half an hour, learning lots of interesting shit but getting nothing productive done at all.