Another senseless mobster revenge story.

Reminded of this by Cecil’s answer to the “concrete shoes” question, I come to the SDMB for an answer to my own question. I was going to “Ask the Master”, but decided that maybe this was more suited for this forum. So:
I remember a reference on some TV show about a high ranking mob boss murdering an innocent driver for accidently running over his kid.
What is the truth of my faded memory, and the details?

I believe that was John Gotti who chainsawed some poor schlub for just that reason. :eek:

Definitely Gotti.

I’ve heard Gotti’s daughter talk about it on TV, and while not admitting that her father personally whacked the guy, she talked quite bitterly about the driver holding a cheerful barbeque within a short time of her brother’s death, with a definite air of "he had it comin’ "

ETA: Dang, you’re fast Gfactor

I saw her too. She’s a real piece of work (bitch).