Another Song Identification Plea

It worked for Idle Thoughts, and Electric Warrior has started a thread asking for assistance base on his success, which reminded me that there’s a song that used to play somewhat regularly on my local alt-rock station at the turn of the decade that I’ve never been able to identify.

It’s a bluesy rock ballad about someone’s little or baby sister, and my now very poor recollection of the lyrics include lines like “blood on the bedsheets” and someone coming through the window. I seem to remember that the singer is telling his sister to be careful while also warning the other person – a lover? – to stay away.

The station, WDOD in Chattanooga, had a wide ranging format at the time with music from the late seventies up to the current year, which must have been 2001 or 2002 at the time, so it could have dated from anywhere in that twenty-five year period.

The vocals sound like they could be John Lee Hooker, but I can’t say for certain because even searching under his name and with what few keywords I can remember, I never find the song.

I’m hoping someone else will have better luck.

Aesiron, It doesn’t ring any bells with my song file mind, but I did find this site, with 50 pages of "Sister " songs, with a wide-ranging array of styles.

Hope it helps.

I looked over the first handful of pages there and none of the lyrics seemed familiar. Thank you, though.

Just a shot in the dark, but try Los Lobos, Don’t Worry Baby. It doesn’t really match your lyrics, but it did get some airplay and I guess there are some John Lee Hooker similarities.

Good Luck!

“Little Sister” by Queens of the Stone Age? It has the window part but not the blood on the bedsheets part.

No, this is very definitely a bluesy kind of song that sounds like it’s being sung by an old black man, or Rick Astley, or something. It’s also slower, and a bit heavier than the Los Lobos song linked above.