Another one of those "what was that song?" threads!

On Tuesday I was driving home and listening to WFHB. It was like 2:00 in the afternoon, maybe a little later. I heard a song I really liked. I listened to it all the way through so I could hear the DJ say what it was. Sometimes this doesn’t work, and they never say it; in this case, it did. The DJ came on and said, if I remember correctly, that the song was called “Nello” (not sure if I spelled that right,) although I cannot remember who the artist was.

I do remember some things about the song. It included the lyric “stay away from those girls.” The lyrics seemed to mention a woman or girl named “Susie” and said, I think, “whatcha doin’ to Susie?” in the chorus. The name “Nello” was also mentioned, though again I don’t know if that’s how it was supposed to be spelled. And - another thing - there was a male and female voice in the song, at some times singing together and at some times singing separately. One of the verses was definitely sung by the woman alone, though I think most of the verses were sung by the male voice. Sometimes they sang together though.

It was an upbeat song. It had sort of a Caribbean rhythm to it. It sounded a little like Sonia Dada or Simon and Garfunkel.

I called the station and talked to the people there and they didn’t remember ever playing this song. It was not on any of their playlists. It wasn’t posted on their website like most of the music that gets played is. In fact, the guy I spoke to on the phone asked the actual DJ who had been playing the songs in that time slot yesterday about the song, and the DJ swore he didn’t remember it at all. He even read me the whole playlist for the time from 1 until 5, and that song was not on it. I’m positive, though, that it was on that radio station. The whole thing reminds me of this story I read of this woman staying in a hotel with her mother, and her mother disappears, and she goes to the room her mother was staying in, and the room is a completely different room with different furniture, and all of the staff and the police insist that she’s mistaken and she’s crazy, but it turns out it was all real and they repainted and refurnished the room and everything, and she wasn’t imagining things. It’s like that, goddammit. I didn’t imagine this song, I heard it on the damn radio on that damn station. And now I want to know what it was.

I pray that someone here can help.

Oh please won’t someone help?!?! Thanks SO MUCH for anyone who figures this out. I may even give a monetary reward.

If you remember the melody, you might try one of those sites where you can hum it and it might find it for you.

HAH!!! Found it.

It’s by Roger Salloom and called “O’Nello” or just “Nello”.


I found it by searching for “nello” on the radio station’s website. It was indeed played on the 3rd, but during the “Morning Mix 2” program, which runs from 9-11 am.

Do you have a PayPal account or some way I could send you a gift? Seriously. Cigar? Wine? I’d like to thank you somehow.

What kind of name is Salloom? Lebanese?

Hah. You are a sweetheart, but no gift is required. I honestly enjoy digging up songs for people. I think it is left over from my three years working at a record store where I had to do it everyday.

It’s weird, but I couldn’t find much info on that guy at all. The song, however, was stuck in my head pretty much all day.

The video that goes along with it is kind of silly. The guy has a secret life as a bartender?