Another song title ID

It’s a female vocalist (but possibly fronting a group), and the only lines I can recall are a refrain of something like “That’s all right. That’s OK. You never loved me anyway.”

I think it came out in the past year or so.

Leah Andreone with It’s alright, it’s OK.

Thank you!

Are you sure its not “Nothings Gonna Change my Love for you”
by Glenn Maderos?

Whitney Houston came to my mind, that ‘pack your bags’ etc. song.

As sad as it is that I’m even offering this, I’m pretty sure that it’s “Another Dumb Blonde”, by Hoku.

Shit, I think psycat is right!

Uhm… I’m still the MPSIMS Pop Trivia King, right?

Selfproclaimed, admittedly, but still :wink:

Bite in the ass vB code.

It’s “Another Dumb Blonde”, by Hoku.

As much as I like the look of that proclamation, Coldfire, I am now certain Flyp is right. It’s that damn song I heard a zillion times on Nickelodeon because it was the ‘theme’ song for the Nick movie “Snow Day”.