Another 'Sucky Neighbors' Thread. What to do?

And here we go again. All 3 upstairs neighbors I’ve had since moving here have given me major problems with sleeping. This is yet another one that doesn’t work at all, sleeps during the day when I’m at work, and stays up very late into the night. Every single night I don’t get to sleep until at least 1 because of incessant pounding, stomping, and whathaveyou, and have to get up at 6 or 7. Obviously, this isn’t working for me, and my personal relationships and job performance are suffering.

Last week one night at 1 am I’d had enough, and I went up there. My reasoned logic and understated pleas were met with righteous indignation, “You can’t tell me what to do!”, and threats of physical violence, even. I called the police (pretty demeaning when you have to call 911 to come talk to your neighbors because the non-emergency number’s not staffed at night), who came over. Naturally, they didn’t arrive for at least another hour, by which time the neighbors were quiet. They did go up there and speak to them, though. I informed my manager through written communication and provided her with an incident report number.

So, what now? Do I call the police every time? How silly and stupid does it make me look to do that? Or is it just a necessary documentation process? Of course, I understand, and you understand, that as a single mother my first priority is to go to work in the morning to support my family, and that I have every right to sleep at night in my own home. On the one hand, I really don’t want to make a huge fuss, as I still have to live here when the police aren’t here. On the other hand, I NEED SLEEP!

Maybe this should be in The Pit, maybe MPSIMS, but I guess I’ll put it here because I do want opinions on what someone not sleep-deprived and half insane would do in this situation.

PS- Any suggestions of “move” will not work for me right now. If I’m still here when that upstairs apartment opens up again, though, I am so there.

Something I’m not clear on - are the neighbours making an unreasonable amount of noise or does your building have bad soundproofing and they’re just walking around normally? If it’s the latter your only recourse seems to be earplugs/noise-reducing headphones, and moving to a top floor apartment when one becomes available (and then having people downstairs complain about the noise).

Either way, my sympathies and I hope you get a good night’s sleep soon.

My upstairs neighbor worked for GE, he was gone 3 weeks and home 1. The week he was home was horrible. There were at least 15 people in and out of the house all night, and although I worked nights, it really bothered my wife (who was pregnant and worked mornings). We noticed that after 9 pm there would be loud music, what sounded like surround sound television, and running. This got tiresome when he took vacation and was home for 5 weeks at once. We had discussed it with the landlord, and called the police once, but we were waiting to see if the police call made a difference. It didn’t.

Apparently, she thought it would be a good idea to clean the house when she got up at 8 am. She began playing her stereo everyday while getting ready for work, and then, after a few days, he came down and said that he noticed a lot of noise in the mornings, and since they were trying to sleep, wondered if we could be quiet during the day. She explained to him that it would be nice if she could sleep at night, but since the police call/visit did nothing, she figured if she couldn’t sleep, they couldn’t. He moved out two weeks later - we didn’t even hear him leave.

ETA: I guess I should point this out - try to work it out with them, but if there is no chance of that ever working, I am simply relating this story, not saying it should be applied…or am I? :dubious:

Brendon Small

Have you tried silicone earplugs and a white noise generator? Are you against using sleeping pills? I try not to use them, but my doctor has recommended Lunesta.

[QUOTE=Lunesta website
* Unlike some other sleep aids, Lunesta helps you sleep all through the night with fewer interruptions.

* Lunesta does not lose its effectiveness over time as shown in a 6-month study.

* Additionally, Lunesta is approved for long-term use.


Of course, the usual warnings are in effect about believing a manufacturer’s website. Although, I guess it’s not the greatest idea to use a sedative if you don’t actually have insomnia.

It’s both, really- the soundproofing is non-existent and there’s an excessive amount of noise. It’s like what normal people do during waking hours of every day, I’m sure, but in these conditions late at night I feel (and friends and family that visit also feel) that the noise is excessive. I do put cotton in my ears, not plugs because I have a fairly small child; also I use a table fan set on high, and I turn my AC down so low that it runs practically constantly for more white noise.

I just wish that more people in this world were “normal”, and slept at night like we do. Or failing that, could empathize with someone that has to get up early and work all day.

Thanks for the sympathy.
I do realize that it takes either for an officer to be here when the noise happens so he can write them a ticket for disorderly conduct, or for me to file something (a warrant, a civil complaint?) on my own behalf. I’m just not sure how to get to that point. Do I call every time, hoping that they’ll come quickly and hear noise when they get here? Seems excessive, but maybe legally that’s what I need to do. I’d feel like a little old lady complaining how it’s cold in here or something, sheesh. But then again, sleep is important.

I have actually thought of that and am planning on discussing it with my doctor. At the end of the day (ha!) what it comes down to is that I’m going to have to start getting more sleep, and if that’s what it takes I’ll do it.

And I’m off to lay in my bed and curse softly, for the second time tonight.