Another Teacher Rides the Incredibly Stupid Train

A teacher in Alabam thought a good way to teach geometry was through ahhoting angles to assasinate the President.

Yes, you read that correctly:

According to the article there will be no disciplinary action taken, so wahtever.

Now I know someone is going to come in here and say something about when Bush was President …blah blah blahh…"

Well when anyone is President the lesson in geometry shold not be taught using examples of how to kill the President, much less anyone…well almost anyone, I supposes if the example had been Osama Bin Laden or Hitler it would be ok, or at least not INCREDIBLY STUPID!

My recommendation, a Scarlet letter…or letters more precicesly…“WTF”.

And now Alabama officially makes Mississippi look good.

It’s a proud day.

Parent quoted in article: “Everyone’s got their own opinions, but we have to be aware of our surroundings.” Uh-huh. Contemplating assassinating our President is something everyone’s doing - you just need to be a bit discreet about the details. Save that talk for when you’re amongst your own.

Actually, I’m not sure I did. What’s an ahhoting angle? :smiley:

Give me a break, I was never taught how to spell when in a snit.

When I was taking a Semantics class in college (this would have been around 2003-04), my professor used as an example, “Now if you take the set of everyone who is George Bush and intersect it with the set of everyone who’s an idiot,” or something similar to that. I thought it was horribly unprofessional at the time, even if I agreed with him.

But…assassination. Good lord. That goes beyond unprofessional.

Perhaps not by the school, but I wonder if the teacher will be getting a visit from some federal agents with sunglasses and badges, who explain to him in very small words about the foolishness of his actions.

OK, will someone please tell me how to install something on my keyboard that will punch me in the face if I post before checking my spelling? Is such a thing available?

Now, if he’d combined it with a history lesson, it would have been different.

“Kennedy was here. Oswald was there. What angle would Oswald have to have been aiming in order to actually make his hits?”

The Birmingham branch of the Secret Service investigated, talked to him, but did not find a credible threat, so they closed the investigation.

I would love to come up with some alternate explanation other than ‘the teacher (and probably the majority of his class) are bigots who hate the President of the United States because he is of mixed racial heritage’ but I can’t seem to come up with anything else.

I know of no such similar nonsense occurring when Mr. Bush was POTUS, and I can’t imagine Fox News or Limbaugh (et al.) neglecting to bring this to our collective attention if such an event had happened.

Just what I thought would happen. I’m sure that the teacher was given plenty of information about how seriously they take (even non-credible) threats, what exactly will happen if he does it again, what will happen if he reveals the contents of their conversation, and was told that he now has a nice file with the Secret Service.

He already had that visit.

I wonder how many times the word “dipshit” appears in that particular report.

ETA: Damnit…I really need to refresh the page before I go making posts pointing out things that have long-since been pointed out.

Don’t make it a racial thing. He’d have been just as happy talking about shooting Hillary Clinton if she’d been elected.

There was the “mockumentary” Death of a President made in 2007 about a fictional Bush assassination.

I would believe, though, that after the Secret Service had a “friendly” conversation with him on the matter, the school requested that he purchase new underpants.

Which was filmed in the UK, where the Secret Service has as much authority as they have in Timbuktu.

Your point being?

Eh, Haley is due to say something idiotic in the next couple days. Probably about how oil spills are black gold, and everyone should be out there with buckets making money.

See, that’s the lovely thing about The South. There are racists everywhere in the country, but most places they have the sense to keep their idiotic opinions to themselves unless they’re around people of ‘like mind’. Down here, though, if you’re white, you’re obviously of like mind. Cuz you’re white. Therefore you think that way, too.

Cuz you’re white.


Well, they could simply be full non-racial political hate.


Waitaminnit … you mean they’re NOT?
NOW what the hell am I gonna do with all these damn buckets. Sheeeeit.

Hmmmm. Alabama. . .Isn’t that the state where a Gubernatorial candidate is denouncing as a lie the claim that he believes in evolution?

Alabama candidate denounces ‘lie’ that he believes in evolution

On first glance I assumed that it was an Onion article.