Another THC side effect thread

None of my searches reveal anything like my own personal experiences when looking at studies on THC side effects.

I have had problems with a loud hissing sound in my ears and a nasty facial twitch on the whole left side of my face for about 3 years now. According to my records this coincided with when I attained a medical marijuana card. I ran out of that batch about 2 weeks ago and switched to some new stuff. The facial twitch, hearing loss, and hissing in my ears has completely stopped for the first time in that 3 years. Would you say coincidence or strong reason to suggest a connection? Over the past 30 years I have experienced a variety of side effects all different from different batches. Most common was a small painful spot on my head just above the left ear. It would usually last for seconds and then disappear. Most serious was severe arrhythmia in the heart.

No supposedly unbiased study I have ever read suggests anything like these. I am starting to think they just go unnoticed or the connections are not being made. I never suspected for a minute my ear problem was pot related. I did suspect the facial twitch.

First off, you had the same marijuana for 3 years?

Secondly, weird pressure in the head isn’t unknown with pot, in fact it is the hallmark of one strain. Headband Strain Highlights:

So, it is possible that your ringing and twitches were strain related.

ETA: It is possible that it is related to specific trichomes in the cannabis.

What the hell you been smoking!?

He’s written about his experiences with weed before. I think he said he makes a joint last about a year.

About a week.

I’m very curious as to what the original strain was.

It’s not the weed.

I went to the medical store and bought a variety of strains, saliva and indica. I ended up just mixing them all together.

Well, there’s your problem!


Care to elaborate?

Don’t cross the strains.

I’m fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing. What do you mean, “bad”?

Total cannabinoidal reversal

Why? There are many “hybrid” strains out there.

I have always wondered about this. I usually just keep one container. I often get little gifts and it all goes into one. Maybe not a good idea.

I’ve been a regular weed smoker for 20+ years. Re Indica vs. Sativa strains, honestly I have never been able to discern much of a difference. I know, I know, Indica strains supposedly make you sleepy and relaxed while Sativa strains do basically the opposite. But not to me.

Also, I’ve never heard of problems arising due to mixing strains. There are so many mixed strains out there, they have varying percentages of Indica/Sativa.

I just realized another possible side effect I was getting. My stools went back to their normal shape and consistency since I ran out. They were kind of screwed up for the past few years that seem to coincide with that particular purchase.

Mixing strains isn’t generally an issue. I usually keep strains apart but I’ll put the leftover dregs into a general container. However, in this case mixing may be an issue if one strain causes you problems.

Also, I am going to guess that after three years more problems may arise from dried out bud. There is an ideal humidity level for freshness and taste. I am not sure if overly dry flower can be an issue but it is possible. What is the best way to store pot? If you don’t consume at a great pace, something like these are good for long term moisture control.

I like mine with just enough moisture that it has a slight clumping quality to it. If it starts drying out I just add a little water to it. I store in a cloth drawer in an airtight Tupperware container

My apologies. It was a bad Ghost Busters joke. Cross the strains all you want.