another thing that really irritates me..

is how people throw their trash, drinks, etc on the street, when there are plenty of trash cans on the streets to put them…

i mean, why litter when you have to live or work in some place!

throwing gum on the streets is really irrirtating too!!

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Even if there aren’t any recepticles.‘Pack it in,pack it out.’ I once flipped a cigarette butt into the face of an unobserved passing motorcycle cop.

If you ever figure out how to make people stop doing this let me know. In my neighborhood we have one family that just throws their garbage in their yard. Even dirty diapers! The stench gets so bad that we have to call the health department every month or so. Their reason? They don’t want to ‘pay extra’ for garbage pick up. It is billed along with the water and sewer and is payed for by the landlord but they JUST DON’T GET IT!!!

Every morning I go on trash patrol and pick up all the pieces that have blown my way in the night. I’m six houses down and still have to do this everyday. Beyond this my other pet peeve is when my neighbor, right next door, dumps his car ashtray into the street when his garbage can is less than 10 feet away! I’ve often wanted to go over and make him EAT them. I smoke too but I don’t dump my butts all over the world!

Pure and unadulterated apathy. Someone else will pick it up. Everyone else is doing it. etc. etc.
If anyone can ever come up with an effective way to discourage this behavior, I’m sure there are several city planners who’d like to get in touch with him/her.

Something ELSE that must irritate people:
WHY on Earth do people cluster in hallways–or doorways–where others have to get through? This is maddening when they keep an automatic door open, especially during inclement weather. And if you ask to be allowed through they act with the utmost indignance–as if you had asked them to shoot themselves!!!

God, yeah, that bugs me too. Especially when to be polite I find myself saying, “Excuse me” when I feel like screaming, “Excuse you!” We call those Charley Foxtrots which is our code for Cluster Fuck. What I like to do is try to float an air biscuit as I pass by. Let them think someone in their little group did it!

Thanks for the excellent suggestion, Byz. Doorway converstaions have been one of my peeves for years.

I hate going to a mall and a group of people are walking 5 people wide, taking up the whole damn 10 foot corrador.

Stupid neighbor dumps her about 40 to 50 butts on the road. The butts end up in the yards of the next three neighbors.

I spent 2 hours cleaning up a local park by a river. I was walking by the bridge to the parking lot to leave, and an asshole of a guy just threw his garbage into the river. He was an asshole! He was telling his wife to just shut the hell up bitch, and yelling at the two kids. I almost pushed the guy into the river.

How about people that refuse to stand to the right on escalators.

It’s bad enough coming out of the subway, but last year I was in an airport (Vegas or Phoenix, can’t remember) where the moving walkways not only have signs telling you to stand to the right, but they play a recording over and over again asking you to do so. And people who speak perfectly good English STILL stretch out like there’s nobody who has to catch a plane behind them.

Drives me up the wall, that.

Never regret what seemed like a good idea at the time.

Charlie Foxtrots, Cluster Fucks, Army Musters. A rose is a rose…

How about people waiting for food in fast food joints who don’t step aside so others can order while they wait?

You could have a garbage can on every corner and in between every block. People will still not put refuse where it belongs a lot of times.

Why? I can only guess that they’re lazy, inconsiderate assholes, but I have yet to do any polling on the subject…

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Re: people standing in doorways.
There are two approaches I use, both of them in loud voice.
A) Say, “Excuse me, I’m not in your way, am I?”
B) Say, “Y’all remember Moses? Well PART, like the Red Sea!”

“Move it or lose it” always works for me :slight_smile:

Never regret what seemed like a good idea at the time.

I can’t stand people who spit in public. What’s the reason for this?

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Ooooh! I hate that too!

I think there’s something genetic about Americans that makes them come to a complete halt in the location that will maximize the inconvenience to other people. Almost every time I walk into a local store, there are at least 5 to 10 people just standing around right inside the entrance.

Now, I admit I don’t alway know immediately where I’m going when I enter a store, but I try to stop and get my bearings in some location other than just inside the front door where everybody else has to pass by to enter the store.

peas on earth

What bugs me is when I’m in the grocery store trying to decide whether I want brand X or Y of something, and someone plants their cart right in front of where I’m looking and spends five minutes trying to decide what THEY want.


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I have gotten so tired of having to say “excuse me” politely to people who block hallways that i just say it harsh and firmly while i keep moving. I say it loud enough so they hear it. Fortunately im big enough people see me coming :).

Some of my annoyances are:

-People who dont use their turn signals.
-Pedestrians who in the middle of the street, see a car comming and run back to the side of the street they started. Or theyre at a crosswalk and dont take their turn.

  • people who act like all bitchy because someone stepped on their shoes (i say, move your ass, dont stand in the middle of a crowd!)

re: people who stop just inside doorways…

How about people who stop just as soon as they get off an escalator, trying to figure out which way to go. Never mind that there’s a conveyor belt dropping people off just behind them with nowhere to go. Then you bump into them and they look at YOU funny!

And how about the people in the car in front of you who stop right in the street to let someone out right in front of their house/store/whatever, thereby blocking traffic, when if they pulled up and over (i.e. into an empty parking spot or bus lane) they could avoid inconveniencing everyone. But NOOOOOOOOO, being 10 feet closer is soooooo much more important.

In the tight quarters found on U.S. Navy ships, we often face the problem of sailors congregating in passages and doorways effectively blocking them. Three phrases make it easier to pass:

"Gangway!" – Officer coming through.

"Make a hole!" – I need to get by, so move. My personal fave.

"Watch your back!" – Move it or lose it! If there not out of the way by the time you reach the knot of folk, you keep your speed, don’t break your stride, and muscle your way through. This phrase is used a lot when sailor are moving towards the scene of an emergency (fire, floding, etc.).

Sheesh. “If they’re not out…”