Another two reasons I hate Steam

I hate Steam.

For a while now, Steam has been downloading something called “Portal: First Slice.” As I understand it, this is a demo version of the original Portal.

I have the original Portal. I didn’t ask Valve to start uploading this demo of a game I already have to my computer, and I can’t work out how to stop it. It’s not listed in Downloads, or Games, or anywhere else I can find it.

Second, Steam appears to be installing Team Fortress 2 from scratch. I already have Team Fortress 2 installed and up to date, or at least I did before Steam decided to reinstall it without my permission. This is not the first time Steam has done this, forcing me to reinstall from the disc because Valve screwed up again.

This concerns me. I’m going to be forced to install Steam when Civ 5 comes out.

I haven’t noticed either problem, although I have not logged into steam in a few days. Most of the time, steam pops up a link to a demo in my games list, but doesn’t download until I say so. Automatic updates happen, on the other hand, but I’ve never had one take out a game install and force me to go to disk.

I guess this is a “That sucks, Grumman. Hopefully it’s a one-off, but have you checked things other than steam if it’s happened more than once?” and a “ColdPhoenix, I don’t think you have THAT much to worry about.”

In all seriousness, Grumman, I’d do a thorough scan on the hard disk that Steam is downloading to–if games are getting hosed up enough to need a complete reinstall, you might be generating bad blocks that are causing it to fail CRC checks when it pulls patch updates.

Are you that guy who was complaining about the steam for macs on youtube?

I haven’t gotten any unsolicited bits of TF2 or First Slice, but they’ve been updating Portal a lot lately. I gather that they’re adding little tidbits to the game as part of the ramp-up to Portal 2.

Steam runs really well for me. It used to be that I’d get issues if I ran a game while it was self-updating, but that was easily avoided by manually checking for updates before launching anything. In the current version (with the new look) I don’t have any issues at all.

I randomly got a notification that Steam was downloading Portal: First Slice. It didn’t seem to add anything to my installed games list. I assumed it was some sort of update to my installed Portal that referenced the demo for some reason.

It also seems to get confused once and awhile downloading (starting a big download pausing it and refusing to resume until after I’ve told it to start and stop a few times).

But really these are pretty minor things. I suppose if you’re already inclined to hate Steam this would be more reason to.