Another Tygr Cub on the way

So, it’s time for tygrcub1 to have a baby to play with. We are due to have another baby in February. We are really excited. Our little girl is excited about having a baby; she doesn’t want a baby brother or sister, just a baby. So cute. We packed up baby toys from her room to make room for new stuff better for her and put the baby toys aside for the baby. She was so proud that night.

We are, again, planning to find out what we are having. We haven’t even begun to think of names. I am, again, quite sick and figure on that being the case the whole pregnancy like before. And, I guess my 50 and 60 hour work weeks need to slow down soon.

It goes great with the news that I must let Tygr share with you guys later. I don’t see where he has announced that yet. He hasn’t had time. Oh, I am such a tease. :wink: