Another VA benefits question

My SO has applied for VA benefits in the State of Washington, but she cannot seem to get any results. Forms have been filled out months ago, phone calls have been made, and so far the communication has only been one way. How can she get things moving?

Which benefits are being applied for? If it’s medical care, I know of people who have simply walked in to the VA hospital where I worked and have been treated immediately–providing their DD 214 some time later.

If it’s something crucial, sometimes a phone call or letter to a federal elected representative/senator works miracles.

I took her to the ER a few months ago. The nearest VA hospital is 100 miles away, and she was in too much pain for me to drive her there. Since she was unemployed and had (and has) no insurance, she qualified for the hospital’s charity program and she was notified a day or two ago that she will not be charged. She was hoping to get the VA moving, but so far she’s heard nothing.

She’s not registered to vote here, and I think she would find it intrusive if I wrote to my representative. (Incidentally, I wrote him on another matter and he replied after a couple of months with an actual letter – not a form letter.) Actually, I’m being intrusive asking the question here. But I’ll offer to write my representative if she mentions the VA again.

Besides hospitals, the VA has CBOC’s (Community Based Outpatient Clinics). Click on your state in the attached link here. Maybe there’s one nearer to you.