Another “what movie was this” with scant details

Another movie I remember falling asleep to in the 70’s.

A guy and girl are being investigated for murdering her father by sabotaging his small airplane causing a fatal crash. I seem to think that they got away with it but then it’s learned someone on the ground was also killed bringing up more charges.

Any idea?

I believe that was a Perry Mason episode.

The Sound of Anger. One of two pilot episodes of The Bold Ones: The Lawyers in 1968. I vividly remember the Burl Ives character confidently predicting that they would be acquitted (also confidently declaring that they were guilty). When asked about his confidence following the trial, he explained that it was because he knew the district attorney was deeply unpopular, and the case would likely lead to his loss in the next election.

I also remember the boy defendant bitterly complaining that he was being railroaded by people in better economic circumstances than he was, because “[he had] too many ‘k’s in [his] name.”

ETA: I could also be thinking of a different teleplay with the same storyline, because I remember it as the kids making his yacht sink, and a dead stowaway being recovered from the wreckage after the trial.

No, that’s it! And it was a plane!

Surprised anyone came up with this and so quickly. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Oh, okay. I guess I extrapolated that it was a yacht because I only caught the second half.