Another "who is this guy?" thread

As with my search for Pierre, that wily José Sarria has led me down another blind path in search of someone who looms large in his personal history yet seems to have left little or no footprint on the Internet.

His name was Paul Kolish, and he was Sarria’s first serious love interest. From the book, I know:

  1. He was an Austrian baron;
  2. He was married and had a son named Jonathan;
  3. He had a brother who became a dentist in Hollywood;
  4. His wife died of tuberculosis and asthma, and his son suffered from the same conditions;
  5. He fled Austria for Switzerland when the Nazis invaded Austria, and after his wife died he sailed with his son to America;
  6. He was an officer with an Austrian bank, don’t have the book in front of me, don’t know which one;
  7. He and his son were killed in California on Christmas Day, 1947, when their car was struck by a drunk driver.

I think he might be related to Ignác Kolisch but information on him is pretty scarce as well. I would love to obtain some secondary sources that at least prove that Paul and Jonathan existed, but my Google-fu is weak.

Just as a side question, Otto, is that the Gorman book or a memoir Her Imperial Majesty wrote herself?

It is the Gorman book. I would prefer not to rely on it as heavily as I am but there is little information about Her Majesty’s early days that available elsewhere. Fortunately the standard for Wikipedia is verifiability, not truth.

Why, are you about to tell me that the Gorman book is a pack of lies? I don’t think my heart could take it if you are…

Not at all. I can’t verify the veracity of it one way or another, since I know OF it but haven’t read it yet. I was just wondering if there was some hidden gem that I’d never heard of out there that Sarria actually wrote directly.

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This one’s tougher. I can’t do it from home. I’ll try to get something in a few days. But, it might be too hard. We’ll see.