Who is this picture of?

He looks so familiar but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s driving me crazy. Link.

Damn, that is tough. Young Hemmingway? or Fidel Castro? Maybe V.I. Lenin.



James Lipton

That’s funny, Hemingway and Lenin were my first two thoughts but it’s not them. I know this guy, I just can’t put my finger on it . . .

Charlton Heston? (sans beard)

It does kind of look like Lipton!

Something about his mouth that reminds me of Welles too. But I’m sure it’s not him.

Any context to this picture, or you just found it on Imageshack? If the latter, he could just be some random dude.

He looks a little like Steinbeck, but not quite.

He looks like Joseph Conrad but it’s not him.

Why… he’s the most interesting man in the world.

Stay thirsty my friends.

That’s who I thought he looked like.

Which is …?

Whoa…I never realized that Steinbeck looked like Jose Ferrer…

A shill for Dos Equis would be my guess.



So was I wrong in thinking he looked incredibly familiar? I thought it was a famous picture I’d seen before - figured someone would know within 5 minutes, like all the ‘ID this movie/book/song’ threads!

It’s Gustav Klimt

No wonder… Nice catch, Jennyrosity!

Yes! Thank you.