ID the person in this painting, please?

We are just back from vacationing in St Martin. A Moroccan restaurant, Le Marrakech, in Marigot had paintings on the walls of iconic individuals each wearing a fez.

It was fun naming the people. There was Obama, Bob Marley, Che Guevara, Salvador Dali, Julia Roberts, Marilyn Monroe, Gandhi, and a few others. Only one totally stumped us, as well as another American couple seated on cushions near us.

Little help?


I dunno. All the others were dead-on obvious. Looking through the images I’m not seeing it…

I can’t really tell if the intention was to have facial hair or not.


It might be the Moroccan-French actor Roshdy Zem.

Little Richard? :dubious: :confused:

Whoa. The brows seem to match.

Also, we got the impression the dude was French. Our waiter (who spoke very little English) seemed shocked when we asked who it was. He never told us, but did say, “you’d know if you were French”.

Never heard of Zem!

I don’t know, none of the photos of Zem show pointy eyebrows like that. Also the painting is rather androgynous looking compared to such a masculine face of the original. But I don’t have any other suggestions myself, if it is supposed to be someone famous in France.


Hi, kayaker:

It might be Josephine Baker, though I have yet to see pictures of her bedecked in fez and bowtie. In France, she’s an icon. If you go to Google Images and enter her name, you should see the resemblance; I’ve foregone that link because, as you can see if you clicked the one included, pictures of her are likely to walk you right into the NSFW Territories.

I hope this gets you closer to an answer. Peace.

Josephine Baker doesn’t have the eyebrows but Marcel Marceau does; scroll down to the second picture.

Yup. I concur.

Wow. Each guess makes me say, “yeah, that must be it”.

All the others were easy. Salvador Dali wearing a fez. Obama wearing a fez. Bob Marley wearing a fez. Che Guevara wearing a fez. Gandhi took a second, but the glasses gave him away.

Their webpage has no email address!

I found another picture on Facebook!

And I found an email addy.

My French is limited to,“Comment allez-vous?” and “plus de vin , s’il vous plaît”, but I tried axing if the pic is Marcel.

"So not worth it."

From the distance in the bigger picture (with Dali) it looks like Harpo Marx. He’s not French so much as mute!

So, Jerry Lewis, then. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, if not for those lines that look like facial hair, I’d definitely say Josephine Baker. The “eyes rolled up” pose was not unusual for her.

I vote for Josephine Baker too.

I think I agree.

I think the lines that look like facial hair are actually facial creases, like on the forehead and neck, more shadow than hair.