Identify this René Magritte painting

I’m looking to find out the name of the René Magritte painting seen in this photograph. It’s a man in a business suit with a bowler hat, but the man himself isn’t there - the hat is just floating above the suit as though he’s invisible. Note, this isn’t Son of Man with the apple obscuring the face, there’s nothing obscuring the face, the face just isn’t there. Thanks!

Nope, can’t help you. And I’ve seen a bunch of Magritte’s paintings (& sculpture), due to his links with Houston’s de Menil family.

I’m just siezing this chance to link the famous picture of Magritte in a very different hat. (During a Houston visit, he was taken to see the defunct Prison Rodeo in Huntsville.)

I remember a Magritte painting that looks like that one. It does include a face, but the face is floating to the side of the suited body and hat, about where Magritte’s face is in the photo. Perhaps it is that one.

I can’t search images for Magritte at work apparently. It blocks me for “incidental nudity”. As if I’m going to be in my office jerking off to that painting of the woman with tits for eye sockets.

Speak to me Maddie! is correct. The painting is called “The Pilgrim”.

That’s it! Thanks! :smiley: I didn’t realize the artist was blocking his own floating face in the picture. For anyone curious, I wanted it as a reference to do a sort of parody of it for my friend’s pool team “Got Felt?”. Here’s what I came up with.

You could do The Son of Man with the 6 ball (solid green) covering the face instead of the apple.