Another installment of: Who Is/Was That Person?

  1. Barbara Cartland
  2. Dean Acheson
  3. Manning Coles
  4. Jimmy Getzoff
  5. Felice Schachter
  6. Dolly Oesterreich
  7. George Meany
  8. Vannevar Bush
  9. John Marsh
  10. Gerald L. K. Smith

I’ve heard of 1, 7, and 8; and thought I had heard of 10 until I realised I had conflated the last two and read it as Gerald Karsh.

No-one reads Gerald Karsh nowadays broods.

I ID the ones I know, right? Or can I pretend I know more than I answer but I just don’t want to be a hog?

  1. British Romance novelist. Some sort of relative of Princess Di.
  2. Truman’s Defense Secretary, when it wasn’t George Marshall.
  3. Head of AFL-CIO, 60’s-70’s, or thereabout (also my grandmother’s godfather).
  4. Vannevar Bush. Some sort of ambassadorial-type person (feel free to flesh out and/or correct, other people).

Also, do I add more? I guess I do. Next post, though, as I sense a race to be the first one in.

Update: Ok, I checked and I’m completely wrong about V. Bush.

  1. Herbert Huncke
  2. Letitia Baldridge
  3. Guillaume Apollinaire

I only know Barbara Cartland who was a romance novelist and she loved all things pink. I believe she was also a great-aunt to Diana Spencer, but her writing career preceded her notoriety as Princess Diana’s GA.

Can we add our own names? No googling allowed I guess!

To Kambuckta: Be my guest. :slight_smile:
To Gael: I’m glad you had the afterthought. Dr. Bush was in no wise an ambassador!

Gerald L. K. Smith was a notorious anti-semite and general all-around racist, IIRC. Vannevar Bush was a science advisor to FDR and may have been in on the Manhattan Project.

Can I add a couple?

  1. Sheik Zaki Yamani
  2. Aneurin Bevan
  3. Richard C. Hottelet
  4. Billy Sunday
  5. Bob Wills
  6. Adam Clayton Powell
  7. Fred Noonan

Step grandmother, if I recall correctly. The mother of Diana’s disliked stepmother, “Acid” Raine Spencer, nee McCorquodale. I could have kept something useful in those brain cells.

He was an ambassador of science, and as a member of Majestic 12 he was an ambassador to the Gray Aliens. :wink:

  1. Barbara CartlandRomance writer

  2. Dean AchesonCold War politician

  3. Manning Coles

  4. Jimmy Getzoff

  5. Felice Schachter
    Don’t know these three

  6. Dolly OesterreichThe woman that married the Berlin Wall?

  7. George MeanyUnion leader

  8. Vannevar BushWWII government official. Worked in R&D

  9. John MarshThis one sounds so familiar. A TV character?

  10. Gerald L. K. SmithA leader in the Mormon church?

  1. Aneurin BevanBritish politician?
  2. Billy SundayEvangelist
  3. Adam Clayton PowellBlack congressman
  4. Fred NoonanSomebody in television?

Prolly not, since I meant Kersh.
No-one reads him either…

Vannevar Bush – wow, what a mind. I had no idea. “Memex” – an early conception of something rather like the Internet – and so much more. Lest anyone think threads like this are mere games (or opportunities for Dopers to show off their knowledge), let it be known that they can serve to fight ignorance as well.

…and, now I know that Prescott Bush (father/grandfather of the presidents – no relation to Vannevar) probably lost his first Senate race because of his support of Planned Parenthood!

Barbara Cartland was a step-grandmother to Diana Spencer. After his divorce from Di’s mother he married the daughter of Barbara Cartland.

Fred Noonan, was that the guy who disappeared along with Amelia Earheart?

Moved MPSIMS --> the Game Room.

Bob Wills?

I don’t know who’s in Austin, but Bob Wills is still the king.

Yeah, some relation. Maybe he was her husband? I know someone was left behind.

  1. Beat Generation figure, sometimes credited with coining the phrase
  2. Etiquette expert
  3. Poet, considered one of the early surrealists