Another Wisconsin Recall Pit: Check out what FoxNation is trying to pin on the Democrats.

This is followed by a transcript of the on air conversation. The caller claimed to be on one of the buses. He says that he just heard about it and jumped on one of the buses. He said that he was whispering into his cellphone because he was afraid he’d be killed if they found him out. What a load.

In the other Pit thread, you post, with credulous approval, this story:

Why is that the Truth, and the story in this thread “What a load?”

You don’t think that several bus-loads of illegal union voters would leave more evidence than someone calling random people?

Is your phone set up to record phone calls? Mine isn’t.

Um, one is more credible because it’s attached to an actual person’s name?

Are you saying that an anonymous caller on a radio show is as credible as the named campaign manager for a prominent politician. I happened to be on Mitt Romney’s bus, an he told me that he’s planning to use voter ID laws to prevent any minorities from voting. He said that’s the only reason those laws exist. So since I’m saying it, it must be The Truth, right?

You can’t see how ridiculous this story is? The man slips on the bus, even though he fears for his life and then, still fearing for his life, he carries on a phone conversation about it. The buses are, according to him, packed full, and yet he can talk loud enough to be heard over a cellphone without fearing that the murderous mob he’s sitting elbow to elbow with will hear him.

He risks his life to call a radio station from the bus when, instead, he could have refrained from jumping on the bus, left the immediate vicinity, then called authorities with the license number.

Does any of this truly make any sense to you?

Mine is set up to record incoming calls’ numbers.

So is yours, I bet.


Why do you say it’s an anonymous caller, and not attribute the accusation to Chris Plante?

That is, Lena Taylor is merely reporting accusations she has heard. Her letter does not name the specific individuals who claim to have received these calls. There’s no “political suicide” if she’s wrong. She was simply, in good faith, passing on an accusation that was brought to her attention. If she, personally, she she heard such a call, then sure – it’s no longer anonymous.

Same thing with Chris Plante.

Yet in one case, you delve down to the source, an anonymous caller; in the other case, you credit Lena Taylor as the source, even thought she’s not.

Why did you chose to do that?

So? Are you expecting random people to know that? What percentage of the population even know about *57, and how many would have the presence of mind to do it before another call comes in?

Or is this just partisan drivel?

A good chunk knows about *69, I bet.

Which doesn’t work if they block or spoof their number, right?

He’s lucky he didn’t get on the wrong bus, full of illegal aliens and felons. Right, Bricker?

“And you’ll never believe who’s driving the bus! It’s Jimmy Hoffa I tells ya! He ain’t dead, he’s running this whole underground shindig! Uops, gotta go, he’s looking right at me… click…”

I agree that this story seems like utter bullshit.

I especially like how the eyewitness called admits that he, too, intends to commit voter fraud.

Is it normal for FOX story titles to be in all caps?

When I vote in California. I go in and give them my name and address and they find me on the list. If they do not find me on the list, I do not get to vote there. I assume this is common. If so, how would these busloads of Michigan Democrats get to vote in a precinct in WI?

Same day registration. We do a very similar thing here in the People’s Republic of Minnesota. There is some breathless reporting that turnout in some places in Wisconsin may exceed 100%! Since turnout numbers are based on registered voters, this is entirely possible.

Wow, that sounds like a really bad idea.

Daily Kos reports that voter turnout in Madison may reach 119%!

Win, lose or draw, this is fucking great! The Apathy Party loses, America wins!

So how long with the recounts and challenges last I wonder?

Not really. Some documentation is required, fairly easy. Also, if a registered voter in your precinct will swear that he/she knows you, and you are who you say you are, you’re in. Works OK.

Oh no no no no no…

You MUST have picture ID. Otherwise hordes of grimy illegals will take over the country. Where have you been? Don’t you know that?

This is standard Republican fare in any election. They believe that no election has ever been lost by a Republican honestly. All wins by other parties are due to homeless and minorities being bussed in, and/or paid to vote. Homeless and minority aren’t the terms used when they repeat this nonsense.