I'm pitting whoever is behind the phone calls attempting to suppress the Dem vote in Wisconsin.


Fucking Assholes.

Anyone here want to try to defend this crap?

Jesus Christ.

Protip: if anyone, ever, says “you don’t need to vote,” THEY ARE WRONG.

I actually do know how to spell Wisconsin. Stupid typos. :smack:

You’re right, of course. And there is one fellow here whom I can just picture saying “But it’s LEEEEEEEEGAL. I don’t see the problem. Besides, there might be an illegal voting in WI.”

Forgive my ignorance, but this does run afoul of the law, right?

Yes it does - if it’s true. So far no evidence (such as a recorded call, or a traceback number) has been presented.

So, BobLibDem, you can stuff the “but it’s LEEEEEEGAL” crap.

Someone will probably get a fine and a slap on the wrist. They’d probably get a pardon from the governor if this wasn’t a federal crime.

Barrett’s campaign says that they are receiving numerous reports, and they are putting resources into countering those calls. Those resources could be used for general GOTV calls, so why would they waste them if they don’t find the reports believable?

It’s very useful to be a victim once in a while.

Yes, wasting time and money, on election day, calling petition signers, many of who have already been called, instead of calling people who haven’t been called yet, is very useful.

Better a victim than a winner, I guess. :rolleyes:

One of the great maxims of the Republican party.

Get back to us when you can produce the recording and prove that it isn’t a forgery created by Barret supporters.

It is supposedly (from your OP) a “massive wave” of robocalls. Surely Barrett campaign could come up with one recording, no? Or a caller ID number they came from?

There’s a difference between playing the victim and actually being one. Would testimony from those receiving such calls suffice for you?

And why do you believe them? More likely it’s a lie the Barret campaign made up to energize their own supporters and get them to the polls.

Definitely not. In every election there are all kinds of claims of “fraud” that turn out to be crap, mostly from Democrats. Record the call, and show which number it came from.

Terr, Polecat, et al.

I can’t say Go Fuck Yourselves directly, but I can think it. You are a waste of flesh.

sincerely, a wisconsin voter.

My caller ID often shows “unavailable” when solicitations come in. I would not be amazed if the robocalls weren’t from someone with the knowledge of how to block caller ID.

Only if it was accompanied by a notarized copy of the long form birth certificate of the person who received the call.

Cite please.