Answer The Freak Guy!

Answer me anything you like, and I’ll ask you to the best of my ability.

This is a stupid question. Don’t I deserve a stupid answer?


So, what vegetables do cannibals prefer?


be nice


Well, to tell the truth, I’ve never flown in a DC-3, but I’d like to some day. They were the first “wide-body jumbo” airliner (by the standards of the day).

And yes, if I were a character in a TV series, it’d have to be the mechanic from “Tales of the Golden Monkey”. I’d get to fly sometimes (I’ve flown IRL about 60 seconds in a friend’s Cessna 150, but hundreds of hours in “Red Baron” and “Aces Over the Pacific”). The big advantage is, I’d get to play with those big, old radial engines, and I’ve always liked the idea of amphibian airplanes!


[Okay, Freek. Howzat? Good’nuff?]

tubagirl: why is FreakFreely in trouble?

ssskugiii: What number has special significance to geeks the world over?

Baloo: What’s the most perplexing thing you could say?

Ice cream, mozzarella cheese and fried tomatoes.

Oh boy! Jeopardy!

My answer:

The man who wrote my sig (see below)

The original author of the poem, not me (I knew you’d look for a loophole).

Sorry, they don’t like eggplant. They prefer human beans.

A blue wood sliver, a giraffee’s toenail, three left handed beekeepers, and a mouldy crouton.

What is Kat hiding in her pants?

Who’s Samuel Taylor Coleridge?

Why are you sorry?

What are a few of my favorite things?

Hot n Spicy Pizza Girls.

If I’d known the answer to that, I would have done a lot better in English Lit last year…

My sig, however, is from “Gunga Din” by Rudyard Kipling. Great poem, very touching. The “slaughter” is that resulting from the British conquest of India, where you’d quickly get dehydrated, hence the “licking the boots of the guy with the water”. Makes sense now, don’t it?

What gets Shirley really horny?

How can a question be wrong?

It’s diseased, fatty goose liver.

Unfortunately for you (or perhaps fortunately, depending on your point of view), I’d have to say that is rather impossible.

What’s miracle whip made of?

Do you think we could get lindsay to shut the fuck up?