Answers to Pink Floyd quiz. Don't read this if you want to do the quiz

Here are the answers to the Pink Floyd quiz, which is here. Obviously, if you want to do the quiz, do that first.

I calculate that there are 48 answers.

  1. At the beginning of the first track on their first album, a voice is heard who is not a member of the band. Who is it?
    Peter Jenner, one of their managers

  2. At the end of the last track on their last studio album, two voices are heard who are not members of the band. Who are they?
    Steve O’Rourke, who took over their management from Peter Jenner, and Charlie Gilmour, David Gilmour’s son

  3. What is the name of the cow on the cover of Atom Heart Mother?
    Lulubelle III

  4. The advertising campaign for Animals consisted of five words. What were they?
    Woof Woof, Oink Oink, Baaa

  5. What was the mouse’s name?
    Gerald, from Bike, on The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

  6. What were the dogs’ names and who did one of them belong to?
    Seamus, who belonged to Steve Marriot, whose ‘vocalizing’ appeared on the track of the same name on Meddle, and Madamoiselle Nobs, a Russian wolfhound who stood in for Seamus on the ‘Live At Pompeii’ version.

  7. When did they use a teddy bear?
    In the video accompanying High Hopes.

  8. The Pink Floyd have been involved with two schools. Which ones, and why?
    The London Free School, a sort of hippy community effort, hosted concert ‘happenings’ called the Sound and Light Workshop in 1966, where The Pink Floyd were the house band.
    Students from Islington Green School appeared on Another Brick In The Wall (pt. 2)

  9. The Pink Floyd dressed up as 1st World War aviators to promote a song. Which one?
    Point Me At The Sky

  10. The Pink Floyd - as a group - either recorded the soundtrack or contributed pieces of music to seven films. What are they? (Cinema released films only. This excludes films shown during live performances, videos and made for TV.)
    Tonite Let’s All Make Love In London
    The Committee
    La Vallee
    Live At Pompeii
    Zabriskie Point
    The Wall

  11. The Pink Floyd - as a group - accepted sponsorship twice. Who were the two sponsors?
    Perrier, who produced a bitter lemon drink called Gini in 1974
    Volkswagen for The Division Bell tour

  12. Only one of the four of them made money from the live performances of The Wall. Who and why?
    Rick Wright, because he had been sacked from the group, and only played as a paid employee.

  13. What was the name of the investment company that lost a large amount of the group’s money?
    Norton Warburg

  14. What is wrong with the cover of Dark Side Of The Moon?
    *No violet in the spectrum.

The rear sleeve showed the prism producing a converging spectrum, a physical impossibility.*
15. Where was the photo of the group on the cover of A Saucerful Of Secrets taken?
Hyde Park in London

  1. What is behind the red veil?
    A nude woman on the cover of Wish You Were Here

  2. Marooned was only played once on the Division Bell/Pulse tour. Where?
    Oslo, Norway

  3. Who said: ‘I am full of dust and guitars’
    Syd Barrett

  4. Who said: ‘Well, there it is. I think you can pass your verdict as well as I can. My verdict is that it is a little bit of a regression to childhood, but after all, why not?’
    Hans Keller, who interviewed Roger Waters and Syd Barrett on BBC’s Look Of The Week in 1967

  5. What piece of Pink Floyd music was he referring to?
    Pow R Toc H

  6. Paul McCartney contributed to a Pink Floyd album, but his contribution was not used. Which album?
    Dark Side Of The Moon. Roger Waters handed out cards with questions on them, and invited the recipients to give spontaneous answers. He felt Paul McCartney’s were too considered.

  7. Dark Side Of The Moon was briefly given another title before reverting back. What was it and why?
    Eclipse, because a group called Medicine Head released an album with the same name. It wasn’t very successful, so the Floyd thought it wouldn’t matter.

  8. Between Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here, they started to make an album using unusual instruments. What was it called?
    Household Objects, using rubber bands and wine glasses, and, well, other household objects.

  9. When did they publicly have a tea break?
    *During the live performance of The Man (1969). *

  10. Who likes marmalade?
    Alan Styles, a Pink Floyd roadie, who says it in Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast

  11. Who has been mad for fucking years?
    Roger The Hat, an Abbey Road doorman, on Dark Side Of The Moon

  12. Nick Mason has only done the vocals on one track. Which one?
    One Of These Days

  13. Who played on Wish You Were Here, although as his contribution was mixed so low, he wasn’t credited?
    Stephane Grappelli

  14. What is Stephen Hawking’s connection to the Pink Floyd?
    His voice is used on Keep Talking

  15. Four members are particularly associated with which mode of transport?
    Syd Barrett: bicycle. He wrote Bike on Piper, and a bicycle was his chosen mode of transport when he retired to Cambridge.
    Nick Mason: cars. He owns Ten Tenths, a classic and racing car company.
    David Gilmour: aeroplanes. He wrote Learning To Fly about his passion for flying.
    Rick Wright: yachts. There’s a photo of his yacht on the cover of his first solo album Wet Dream

  16. How much did Clare Torry get paid for her vocal on Great Gig In The Sky?
    £30 – which was double the normal rate because it was a Sunday

  17. Roy Harper didn’t get paid for his vocal on Have A Cigar, and he didn’t get what he asked for in lieu of payment either. What did he ask for?
    A lifetime season ticket to Lords (cricket ground)

  18. The melody from another Pink Floyd song is heard in the fadeout of Shine On You Crazy Diamond. What is it?
    See Emily Play

  19. What is the connection between Pink Floyd and a flashing red light?
    It was on the spine of the Pulse CD

  20. What connection has Mike Leonard with the group?
    He was their landlord in 1964. At the time they called themselves Leonard’s Lodgers

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