Anthropomorphic is to humans as ?? is to animals

Anthropomorphic is used to refer to objects that look vaguely human.

Is there an analogous word for objects that look vaguely like animals?

GE ran an ad for a GE walking truck that made it look like a skeleton of an animal with the headlights in the position of eyes. Yes, Lucas really did use it as inspiration.

The walking truck didn’t look like a beastie from any other angle, just in this one ad. What’s the word that would describe it?

Small nitpick – although “anthropomorphic” is comprised of the Greek roots “anthropos” (human) and “morphe” (form), I think its more precise usage is not so much “looks human-like” but rather the idea of attributing human traits to something.

Anyway, on the same etymology I think the word you want is “zoomorphic”.

Yeah, that’s the formal dictionary definition, but I’ve seen the use extended to appearance as well. Human-looking robots are often termed anthropomorphic.

Zoomorphic was what I was looking for, so thanks.

Poking around a bit I find that anthropomorphous is the proper word for “ascribing human form or attributes to a being or thing not human.” Virtually nobody ever uses that term, though. I looked for zoomorphous but that didn’t come up in Google. Apparently the closest word is Zoomorphism.

I may just coin zoomorphous and get the Google hit.

Of course those nuances pale in comparison to references I often see to “anthropomorphic” climate change. I suppose it’s accurate if one believes that a rainy day indicates that the climate is unhappy, and a hurricane means the climate is very, very angry! :smiley:

I usually hear climate change described not as anthropomorphic but rather anthropogenic. I strongly suspect that those calling climate change “anthropomorphic” are trying—and failing—to reproduce what they heard, which was “anthropogenic.”